Floor locking technologies

Our versatile and user-friendly locking systems ensure leakproof seams, stronger connections, and significantly enhanced product longevity. Installation is always effortless, whether the flooring is preferred in rows, squares, patterns, or even on the wall.

Find the perfect fit

For stronger and longer-lasting floors

A high-quality installation system boosts the performance and longevity of the floor. It simplifies installation and ensures lasting results with no gaps between panels, no unevenness and no squeaking.

Choosing the right installation system significantly enhance the end-consumer experience. To increase customer satisfaction, it is crucial to offer products that are quick and easy to install and provide reliable, long-lasting results. This is precisely what a high-quality floor locking system ensures.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Factors such as material, format and panel thickness play key roles in finding the perfect match between product and locking system. Ensuring the perfect fit for specific products requires experience and expertise. With the right choice, installation becomes fast and effortless, resulting in beautiful floors that maintain their quality throughout their lifetime. Ultimately, this leads to happy customers and great reviews – a win for everyone involved.


A robust installation system providing strong vertical and horizontal locking. Suitable for all materials.

Push Down

One-piece installation technology with integrated locking system. Especially wellwell-suited for resilient products.

Fold Down

The fastest, easiest, and most reliable locking system. Available in various upgradesand fits all materials.

Choose the right locking system

Locking systems that last a life time

We are globally renowned for our innovative installation systems, which significantly enhance floor quality and performance while ensuring user-friendly and effortless installation. Our versatile locking technology is available in several different variants, allowing you to customise your offerings with additional features. This flexibility enables you to provide floor installations perfectly suited to modern lifestyles.


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Possible upgrades
Locking technology Dry Climb CrossHerringbone
The robust locking system for solid horizontal
and vertical connections.
For superior performance, enhanced locking
strength and improved durability.
Push Down
Integrated locking system with strong, secure connections.
Optimised one-piece installation with enhanced durability.
A flexible one-piece system for easy and tool-less installations.
Fold Down
The fastest, easiest, and most reliable installation
system available.
Enhanced vertical locking strength for truly
long-lasting results.
Take floor installations – and re-installations – to
the next level.

Pro performance

The ideal upgrade for resilient floors

Boost your resilient products with increased installation strength and extended product longevity. Our upgraded profile enhances vertical locking strength, creating connections up to two times stronger. This improvement significantly boosts product durability and maximises performance for angling, push-down, and fold-down installations.

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