Floor locking technologies

Our versatile and user-friendly installation systems improve water-resistance, make pattern installation simple and allow floors to climb the wall. Always with the fast, easy and reliable installation experience we are known for.

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Floor locking systems to last a lifetime

We believe that floor installations should be a fast and simple process with perfect results every time – no gaps between the boards, and no unevenness or squeaking. The floor should also stay that way, year after year, for its lifetime.

We are globally recognized for our innovative floor technologies, and we are especially well-known for having the easiest, fastest and most reliable installation systems on the market. As inventors of the first ever mechanical floor locking system and with close to 30 years in the business, our revolutionary locking systems brings advantages like waterproof seams, reliable installation of flooring in straight sets and the possibility to creatively make the floor climb up the walls.

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Improve customer experience

Choosing the right floor locking system makes all the difference for the end consumer experience. Most negative reviews and feedback from dissatisfied customers are based on the installation experience and not the product itself. This makes it truly important to offer high-quality products with fast and smooth installation.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution and variables such as material, design, format and thickness of the panels impact the installation process. Our different solutions are optimized for all kinds of flooring products. To make sure you get the perfect fit for your product – we offer expertise and guidance all the way.

Locking systems
to last a lifetime

Best installation system

Upgrade with exclusive features
Fold down

3x Faster installation
Easiest click system
50% stronger locking
Large tolerance window

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Better installation system

Push down

2x Faster Installation
Easy click system
30% stronger locking

Good installation system


Works for all material
For long and short side

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Customer success stories

Välinge stories from around the world

Hundreds of flooring producers in countries all over the world have already discovered the benefits of using our floor locking technologies in their products. 


Read about stories worldwide about how we supported them and the difference that our technologies have made for them and their customers.


Partnerships with industry leaders around the globe

For three decades, Välinge has built close relationships with a diverse array of flooring and furniture manufacturers all around the world. These partnerships are about much more than simply licensing our patents. From start to finish, we work closely together to incorporate our technologies into their products in the best possible way, including making sure they have the required equipment and long-term support.

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Innovative flooring technologies

We are proud to offer a large variety of flooring technologies optimised for every category of flooring and for all kinds of materials. As market-leaders, with one of the industry’s most advanced R&D centres, you can be confident that all Välinge Innovation technologies are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet the high product performance and premium quality we always guarantee.