The next generation of installation systems

5G NXT  is the latest addition to our extensive portfolio of innovative floor locking technology. It’s a brand-new installation system developed to facilitate creation of products with less environmental impact.

5G Nxt

Take it to the next level

With 5G NXT, we took our well-known 5G installation system to the next level without compromising any of its benefits. This upgraded solution has more sustainable inserts made from biomass-balanced materials and a unique fold up feature that facilitates both reuse and recycling. 5G NXT ensures the same easy, fast, and long-lasting floor installation we all favour, and allows the flooring to be installed, removed, and reinstalled elsewhere just as easily.  

Improved insert

The same strong, reliable connection in more sustainable material.

Easy dismantling

Install, remove, and reuse. Again, and again.

Durable results

Enhanced product performance and longevity.

5G Nxt

More sustainable inserts

The upgraded insert is made from biomass-balanced materials with a 75% lower carbon footprint making it a more sustainable option without compromising on the strong, durable results that all our locking systems are known for.

5G Nxt

Take apart piece-by-piece

With 5G NXT, you can take apart floor panels piece-by-piece simply by tapping them, without using any tools. This allows flooring to be easily removed and reused and it facilitates correcting mistakes during installation as you don’t have to remove an entire row. Compared to traditional solutions, this makes dismantling up to 40% faster and significantly reduces the risk of panel damage.

Install. Remove. Reinstall. Repeat. ​

The unique fold up feature added to 5G NXT makes it possible to install, remove, and re-install flooring. Again, and again. Always with the same reliable and long-lasting results.

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5G NXT Wood Animation
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5G NXT Presentation
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5G NXT Dismantling without tools
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