Stronger and more durable installations

Our new, upgraded profile significantly improves the locking strength and lifespan of all types of resilient products, maximising the performance of angling, push-down, and fold-down installations.


The ideal upgrade for resilient floors

For resilient products such as LVT, SPC, and WPC to be as strong and durable as they are designed to be, the installation system needs to be well-adapted. Both flooring manufacturers and customers have experienced issues related to the longevity and locking strength of the new generation of resilient products. Our new PRO installation technology successfully solves these problems by ensuring up to two times stronger vertical connections and significantly increased durability.


The upgraded profile is available for angling, push-down, and fold-down installations and will undoubtedly optimise the performance of all resilient products.


PRO Strength

Optimised products with up to two times stronger vertical locking.

PRO Durability

Significantly improved longevity benefit consumers and the environment.

PRO Performance

Reliable results without height differences during the lifetime of the floor.


Enhanced installation strength

Vertical Load tests show that flooring as thin as 3.5 mm doubles its locking strength when using the upgraded long-side profile compared to other locking technologies.

Increased product longevity

Castor Chair tests show that resilient flooring using our PRO technology can withstand up to three times as many revolutions as the same product equipped with a traditional locking system. The improved quality allows products to handle heavier traffic which can lead to existing products reaching Class 31 and Class 32 standards simply by changing the installation system.

PRO performance

Optimised profile ​

The new and improved long-side profile is optimised to increase the strength and longevity of resilient products without manufacturers having to alter product design, material, or production. For producers already using one of our installation systems, implementation is easy and only minor adjustments to profile and tool set-up are required.

Boost your resilient products

Our PRO technology creates more durable and reliable resilient floors and further enhances the performance of our market-leading fold-down, push-down, and angling installation systems. PRO enables vertical connections that are up to twice as strong and can increase the floor’s lifespan by up to three times.


Angling installation

Superior strength and durability

Our 2G installation system is known for its reliable horizontal and vertical connections. With our updated 2G PRO technology, we can offer angling installations with extra robust connections and even longer-lasting results.


5G-i PRO

Push down installation

One-piece system with optimised strength

5G-i is our integrated locking technology, especially well-suited to make installation of resilient floors easier. Update the integrated floor lock to 5G-i PRO and successfully increase your products’ locking strength and durability.


Fold down installation

Stronger and more long-lasting than ever

5G is our globally recognised fold down installation system, offering the fastest, easiest, and most reliable installation experience on the market. Updated with the new long-side profile, 5G PRO increases the strength and lifespan of your resilient products.

PRO performance

Available for leakproof installations!

All options can be combined with DRY for watertight joints.


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