5G components & inserts

We provide all licensees using our 5G technologies with everything from perfectly fitted  inserts to opportunities for an optimise production line.

Flexible inserts

The secret behind our 5G Fold Down technology

The secret behind the groundbreaking 5G Fold Down technology is the flexible insert. Making the installation the easiest and fastest installation on the market.


The inserts are used in 5G Fold Down, 5G Dry, 5G Cross, and 5G Climb technologies and available in a variety of sizes to support the widest range of flooring types. We supply 5G inserts to our 5G licensees around the world. Dimensions, durability, aging and physical properties are continuously controlled and tested to ensure that the lifetime of the locking insert matches that of the floorboard. The inserts are produced in Sweden and China in order to secure worldwide product availability.





Insert machines

Optimise your production line

Our high-speed inserters are flexible machines designed for all 5G inserts. By using fixed positions for the different insert sizes, potential operator errors are minimized, and module changes are easily made within 10 minutes. The machines have a very small footprint and are easily integrated in profiling machines or on a DET foundation. The system can also be combined with a jumping motor.

The 5G inserter Gen 21 from Välinge is especially designed for flooring applications and fulfills demands on both flexibility and performance in your production line.

Spela videoklipp

Easy panel remover

Dismantling pins for 5G Fold Down

5G technologies are not only designed to make installation easier. It should also make it simpler and quicker for professionals and consumers alike to remove flooring when needed.

For some types of inserts, specially designed 5G dismantling pins can aid the removal of floor panels. This can be particularly useful for herringbone installation and other types of patterns involving small strip panels.

Välinge manufactures our dismantling pins and can provide them for available insert sizes upon request. Contact us today for more information.

Worldwide supply

Components for 5G Cross & 5G Climb

We also supply worldwide 5G components such as the cross for 5GCross and the clips for 5G Climb.