Jumping motor

Jumping motors for manufacturing flooring with 5G-i™ Push Down technology


Välinge’s 5G-i® Push Down technology is a unique one-piece flooring installation solution that features an integrated mechanical locking tongue. Especially suited to flexible resilient flooring products, the technology can also be used with wood and laminate floor panels.

In many cases, using 5G-i with wood or laminate requires adding flexibility that enables the locking element to be pushed down into place. This is done with a jumping motor, which Välinge is happy to supply to our licenses.

Not sure your production will require a jumping motor? Contact us today, and one of our experts will be happy to help.

How it works

Jumping motor for wood and laminate flooring production with 5G-i™

A jumping motor adds flexibility to wood or laminate flooring by producing small carves in the backside of the product during the final profiling step. It moves at pre-set intervals, cutting away material on the back of the panel in an interrupted pattern. Our experts can work with you to ensure the optimal equipment set up, for flooring products that can be easily installed using the integrated tongue 5G-i® Push Down method.

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