The Slim Shaker collection in Franklin White finish based on Threespine Click Furniture Technology.
New Click&Go Cabinets collection launches with Threespine technology

Viken, Sweden

In October, Cabinets To Go – the largest specialty retailer of cabinets in the US ­– launched a new kitchen cabinet collection featuring Threespine Click Furniture Technology. It introduced Click&Go Cabinets to consumers, with the promise of easy assembly thanks to Threespine.


Threespine technology was an obvious choice for Cabinets To Go because the company is dedicated to providing customers with the best innovation and trend-forward products on the market. Threespine delivers precise angles, reliable stability, and long-lasting results. The built-in locking system means the cabinets easily click together without needing tools or extra fittings. It makes assembly completely fail-safe and up to 10 times faster. It’s no surprise that interest in this technology and demand for click furniture assembly is growing, especially in the North American kitchen cabinet market.


Cabinets To Go is thrilled to offer its all-new Slim Shaker collection with effortless Click&Go assembly. It’s currently available nationwide in the company’s best-selling Franklin White finish, and there are already plans to expand the collection with more colour choices.


“We’ve enjoyed working with Välinge to bring this collection to market. All the teams involved have worked diligently and prioritised creating what is sure to be an excellent customer experience,” says Alex Hughes, Vice President of Merchandising at Cabinets To Go.


Alex Hughes, Vice President of Merchandising at Cabinets To Go.


Threespine technology gives the assembled cabinets a premium feel, with minimal visible hardware and a bit more storage space inside compared to cabinets assembled with traditional methods. Customers benefit from the incredibly fast assembly times and the compact packaging that’s easy to transport and store.


“We trust Välinge as a supplier of reliable and well-proven innovation. We knew using Threespine technology for our cabinets would make a product that’s precise and durable,” says Hughes.


Välinge Innovation has a long history of creating innovative flooring technologies that have transformed the market and forever changed how people install flooring around the world. With Threespine, Välinge used its floor locking expertise and experience to create a ground-breaking technology that’s future-friendly. It enables effortless assembly, easy disassembly, and more efficient logistics.


“It’s exciting to see the high-quality collection Cabinets To Go has created with the use of Threespine. It’s always satisfying to support our customers in creating innovative offers for their markets with the help of our technologies,” says Martin Borg, Key Account Manager North & South America, at Välinge Innovation.

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