The showroom at the new Välinge North America headquarter in Alpharetta, Georgia.
Välinge North America opens new head office in Georgia

Viken, Sweden

At the end of 2021, Välinge North America moved into their new headquarter in Alpharetta, Georgia.

In 2021, the Välinge Flooring collection of hardened wood flooring was successfully launched on the US market and the continued rollout of the product portfolio is set for 2022. After strong North American distribution coverage was achieved in 2021, the team is now turning its sights to commercial channel growth. Välinge North America is also actively supporting US importers and distributors selling flooring products featuring Välinge technologies in finding a perfect match in Välinge’s worldwide licensee base, taking into account particular needs and requirements.

The new headquarter features a showroom area intended for business visitors though some local residents may be tempted to stray inside. “Although we would not turn individual customers away if they happened to walk in, we would of course direct them to one of our current sales channel partners to purchase,” says Zach Adams. Current partners include among others Elias Wilf, Herregan, Greenhome, Spartan Surfaces, Stiller and Reform. The actual Välinge Flooring hardened wood products are supplied from warehouses established in Dalton, Georgia and Oakland, California.

A total of eight people will work out of the new office covering finance, operations, marketing and customer service. Business development managers as well as local sales personnel will also use the office as needed. During 2021, Välinge welcomed 6 new colleagues and 2022 will be  another year of expansion with more people expected to join throughout the year.

·    Ben Goodman: Director Business Development- Licensing

·    Cheryle Mundy: National Commercial Sales Manager

·    Mark Machnicki: National Residential Sales Manager

·    Kelly Owens: Customer Service Specialist

·    Heather Przybyla: Operations Manager

·    Holley Holcombe: Finance Director/HR

“Välinge North America’s continued growth is a testament not only to the strength of our products and technologies, but more importantly to the strength of our people. Remembering to keep innovation engrained in everything we do, from the hiring of our team to the development of our products, will always remain the key foundation to our success,” says Zach Adams, General Manager of Välinge North America Inc.

For more information please contact:
Zach Adams
General Manager | Välinge North America Inc.
+1 (443) 422-7390‬

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