Välinge terminates license agreements with flooring producer Divine

Viken, Sweden

Välinge has terminated their license agreements with the Chinese flooring producer Jiangsu Divine Building Technology Development Co. Ltd.’s (“Divine”).

The license agreements for resilient and laminate flooring products have been terminated in conjunction with a routine royalty examination and with reference to material breach of agreement, including regarding Divine’s obligations to pay license fees.

Divine is no longer entitled to use any of Välinge’s intellectual property rights protected technologies nor can they use labels previously provided by Välinge under the holographic label system L2C or purport to be Välinge’s licensee. Any subsequent use or sale of unlicensed products supplied by Divine could constitute acts of infringement of Välinge’s intellectual property rights covering such products. Välinge is committed to protect its intellectual property rights and take legal action against any acts of infringement.

If you need additional information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Välinge by e-mail at legal@valinge.se or by phone +46 42 23 78 15.

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