Fabuwood are amazed by the easy assembly

“The Threespine technology is the next generation of cabinet assembly”

Fabuwood are known as the fastest growing cabinet company in North America. They manufacture high value products with cutting edge technologies. When launching their new line, Illume, they chose our outstanding Threespine® technology.


“We wanted something truly extraordinary for this new line which is exactly why we chose Threespine. This technology gives our cabinets perfect results with precise angles and incomparable stability,” says Izzy Zabner, Specialist in sourcing and product development at Fabuwood.


Manufacturing kitchen cabinets that are easy and fast to assemble – it only takes seconds – without using any screws or nails, means that factory assembly is both smooth and timesaving. The unique locking system is integrated, and it runs along the complete length of the panel which makes it truly easy to secure fail-safe and rock-solid results.


“The incredibly fast assembly and not needing to use any nails save us both time and money. Instead, the unique technology is designed to just click the panels together. This efficiently eliminates the risk of damaging the panels and having to send them to touch up or refinish,” Izzy Zabner continues.


At Fabuwood, creating a first-class customer experience is paramount and their aim is to make building a luxury kitchen affordable without needing to compromise on comfort, quality and efficiency. Threespine makes it possible to create the seamless and elegant designs they are after and still provide maximum durability and longevity.


At Välinge, we are proud to share our knowledge and expertise and we strive to support our licensees with the best possible solutions for their unique needs, products and production. At Fabuwood they didn’t implement the Threespine technology in an existing line instead they started a completely new one which made implementation both fast and easy.


“Implementation was a smooth process and since assembly is so easy there was not much need of training. In short, partnering with Välinge is something we’ll never regret. They offer a lot of support, are easy to get in touch with, always helpful and since they are an innovation company, we can rest assured that their technology makes it truly easy for us to always be ahead,” Izzy Zabner concludes.


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