Kilim Mobilya make valuable savings using Threespine

“Välinge are a great partner to work with”

Kilim Mobilya are an influential furniture producer and company in Turkey. They are well-known for their high-quality and premium design furniture and soon they will start producing their very first products using our Threespine® technology.


Bekir Sıddık Erbüşüm is a member of the board at Kilim Furniture, and he is also leading the project development department within the company. Kilim are known to always be at the forefront of their business, and they are proud to always have an up-to-date product offer.


“During the pandemic we were all forced to find new ways to manage our businesses. We wanted to rethink around materials and labour to see if we could find a more cost-efficient solution. This is how we came across Threespine,” says Bekir Sıddık Erbüşüm.


Kilim Furniture will start producing kitchen cabinets using our technology to assure they get the market-leading assembly we are known for and further along, they will introduce it in smaller furniture like nightstands and tv-units to the Turkish retail market.


“Threespine really is the easiest and fastest assembly solution available, and it provides valuable savings in both cost and time for us. Partnering with such a renowned company as Välinge Innovation is great. Their expertise and support has been very helpful, and we really enjoy working with them,” Bekir Sıddık Erbüşüm concludes.


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