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Signature Floors has a long history of providing high-quality flooring solutions to both commercial and residential markets. The understanding of their clients’ needs and their interest in innovation and technology have made them leaders in their industry.


Signature Floors is one of Australia’s largest floor distributors, launching new and innovative products consistently. Their offer includes everything from soft flooring to hard and resilient options for both residential and commercial markets. Common to all options is that they contain innovative technology, are of superior qualities and have features that make them a better choice for the environment.


“People choose Signature Floors because we truly stand behind the products we promote”, Jacqui Sandars​ National Product Manager for Resilient and Hybrid at Signature Floors explains. “We have been in business for over 30 years and have a solid knowledge of flooring which, together with the personal service we provide and our ability to meet market demand, has created a deep trust in what we do.”


Jacqui Sandars
Jacqui Sandars, National Product Manager for Resilient and Hybrid at Signature Floors


Signature often get a lot of attention from retailers, architects, designers and contractors from both Australia and New Zealand and there are many who are always interested to see what the company is doing next.


“The interest in innovation has been at the core of the company since the start and we always strive to provide products with features that differ from those of our competitors”, Jacqui Sandars explains. “Our offer is unique, and we’re represented in all flooring categories, except among rugs and ceramic or porcelain tiles.”


It was when Signature experienced problems with their previous locking system that they came in contact with Välinge and their technologies. Their supplier of SPC products recommended Välinge’s 5G Fold Down technology and after meeting with Välinge they decided to switch. This has been a successful move. The reputation of fast and easy installation and the reliable results has spread among their customers and more and more of them are actively requesting products using Välinge’s floor locking system.

“Since moving to 5G a number of our major customers have stopped purchasing products that don’t use the technology. That’s how popular the technology is”, says Jacqui Sandars.


“A major benefit of working with such an innovative company is that we always have access to the latest and most advanced flooring technologies”, Jacqui Sandars adds. “This is how we first learned about their Liteback technology which now is incorporated in all of our Hybrid/SPC products.”


Signature Floors has incorporated Liteback on all their Hybrid/SPC products.
Signature Floors has incorporated Liteback on all their Hybrid/SPC products.


Liteback is a unique method to produce resilient floors with several benefits compared to traditionally produced options. Liteback successfully removes material from the backside of the floor panels, without losing any product performance and instead gaining sought-after qualities like less weight, easier handling and improved sound absorption. The reduced material can be reused in production of new floor panels and the lighter weight means more efficient transports and less carbon dioxide emissions. In other words, Liteback gives resilient flooring exactly the advantages needed for them to continue to be in high demand.


“There is a huge demand on more sustainable flooring options in the commercial sector and looking ahead this is definitely something that will increase among residential customers as well”, says Jacqui Sandars.


To meet the demand for more sustainable flooring options Signature searched for a smart solution. “Välinge’s Liteback technology is the most advanced and most well-proven technology available which is why we chose to incorporate it on all our Hybrid/SPC products with highly satisfying results”, Jacqui Sandars explains.


“Välinge truly makes market-leading technologies, and they are a reliable and engaging partner at every step of the implementation process”, Jacqui Sandars continues. “For anyone looking to add innovative technologies to their products I would highly recommend them to contact Välinge.”

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