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Premium wood panels use 5G for smarter installation

Who says Välinge’s 5G floor locking system should only be applied to floors? The creative wizards at I-Wood Denmark have used Välinge’s market-leading technology to create the market’s smartest wall and ceiling panel solution that is really easy to install.


Creating premium wall and ceiling panels, designed with a classic Danish touch with a high-quality solution to make them really easy to install – this is the genius idea two Danish carpenters had a couple of years ago. They wanted to create a premium product in every aspect from design to innovation and sustainability. As carpenters they had experience of installing wall and ceiling panels and knew how impractical and inconvenient most systems are. They had also installed enough floors to know that there was no floor locking system more popular among carpenters than Välinge’s 5G technology. This reliable and efficient experience is exactly what they wanted for their wall and ceiling panels, which is why they reached out to Välinge.


Mikkel Galsgaard, one of the founders of I–Wood Denmark


“We got in touch with Johan Hallin, one of Välinge’s Key Account Managers”, says Mikkel Galsgaard, one of the founders of I–Wood Denmark. “Johan was excited about our idea and the possibilities to use Välinge’s 5G technology right from the start. The fact that both he and Välinge believed in our idea from the very beginning and that they have helped and supported us throughout our journey has meant an incredible amount to us.”


I-Wood Denmark’s acoustic wooden panels are created with sustainable and recyclable materials, all wood is from FSC-certified suppliers and the felt is manufactured from recycled plastic, a large part is recycled from plastics that pollute the world’s oceans. In order to create a production process that is more sustainable, I-Wood use all raw materials as efficiently as possible and most of the waste is reused to create their wide range of useful accessories.

“Right from our first meeting, we got a great connection, and we stayed in touch until all their plans were ready”, says Johan Hallin, Key Account Manager at Välinge Innovation. “This is when we started to customise a solution perfectly designed and developed to fit their needs.”


“We have gotten such incredible help and support from Välinge, and they have guided and encouraged us at every step. Their expertise has been invaluable to us”, Mikkel Galsgaard adds.


Premium and sustainably sourced materials and a high-quality installation system is the core of all I-Wood’s products. With two of the founders having previous experience of how hard and time-consuming installing wall and ceiling panels could be, they were determined to have the best installation system available right from the start. The skilled engineers at Välinge developed a unique solution, based on their renowned 5G technology but customised to meet I-Wood’s needs. Now they are the only wall and ceiling solution on the market that offers fast and easy installation, precise angles and a perfect, long-lasting results.


i-Wood's solution i-Lock
i-Wood’s solution i-Lock, based on Välinge’s 5G technology


“What really makes our product unique is the design and the innovative technology behind it”, says Mikkel Galsgaard and points out that “I-Wood’s products have already been used among carpenters all over the world and they are all amazed by the ease of installation, the solid results and of course, the natural beauty the panels bring to any space.”


I-Wood Denmark is really off to a flying start and their acoustic wall panels and ceiling panels have been seen in several prestigious environments, both in Denmark and in other Nordic countries.



“It’s amazing to see how well-received their products are – both for their beautiful and natural aesthetics but also for the ease of installation and the durable results”, says Välinge’s Johan Hallin.


“We are already represented on several European markets and both home improvement retailers, architects and interior designers have shown great interest in our products”, says Mikkel Galsgaard. “But for us, it is the positive feedback we get from satisfied installers and consumers that warms the most.”


“Välinge has been a reliable and experienced partner to lean on throughout this process”, Mikkel Galsgaard concludes. “They have supported us at every stage from concept to implementation and production, offering invaluable contacts through their extensive network and helping us achieve the premium product performance we knew we were looking for.”

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