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Leakproof seams and easy installation with 5G Dry

When American flooring manufacturer Johnson Hardwood launched its high-quality laminate collection, they wanted a reliable locking system with waterproof seams. That’s why they chose Välinge’s 5G Dry technology.


Johnson Hardwood is one of the leading manufacturers and importers of premium hardwood, SPC, and laminate flooring products. Their products are recognised for their affordability and superior quality. The company is based in California, but its products are distributed across the United States and Canada.


Water-resistant products

Jon Ousley, Vice President of Sales and Distribution at Johnson Hardwood, explains that when they were about to start producing their range of laminate flooring, they were determined to create a collection of premium quality, high-performing, and durable products. To achieve this goal, they needed a locking system that was up to the challenge.

After a thorough market research, the choice fell on our leakproof 5G Dry technology.


“We wanted to make sure we got the best solution the market has to offer and after our research it was evident that 5G Dry is the leakproof locking technology with the most benefits.”


Johnson Hardwood’s High Performance Laminate range has the authentic feel of wood flooring but is resistant to water, scratches, and stains. The products offer superior strength and durability and with 5G Dry, the joints are leakproof, results are reliable, and the installation is easy.


“Waterproofness is a very important feature, and it is crucial that our products live up to the high-quality results we promise.”


Waterproof is the new standard

Flooring with waterproof properties is the new standard, regardless of whether the material is wood, laminate, or resilient. Choosing a high-quality installation system is crucial to product performance and achieving high customer satisfaction. Our 5G Fold Down technology is known globally as the market’s fastest, easiest, and most reliable installation system. With 5G Dry, you get the same high-performing locking system but with a leakproof joint. This means you minimise the risk of liquids seeping through the seams of the floor panels and damaging the boards or, even worse, the subfloor.


“We are very happy with Välinge’s 5G Dry. Results are great and the feedback we get from installers is that it’s both fast and easy to install – just as it should be!”


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