Wood floors made to last

Our outstanding technology makes it possible to produce hardwood floors that are more sustainable and more durable than any traditional option. 


Real wood but stronger

Välinge was born to rip up the rulebook for what’s possible when it comes to flooring. And few technologies demonstrate that spirit of innovation better than the Woodura reinforced wood surface.


Woodura combines the feel and beauty you only get from real wood, with durability never before seen on the market. In addition to better protection against scratches and dents, Woodura is also a more sustainable alternative to traditional wood floors.

Simply put: Woodura is a greener, smarter, and more efficient way to make floors.

10x More flooring

Produces 10 times more flooring from the same amount of raw material than traditional wood floors.

3x Stronger

Higher durability compared to traditional wood floors. Resistant to dents and wear marks.

100% Real Wood

Every plank is designed by nature and all raw material comes from responsibly managed forests.

Spela videoklipp


A more efficient use of wood, a smarter way to make flooring

Woodura starts with Välinge’s unique wood powder technology, the same process used to make durable Nadura solid surfaces.

A carefully measured mixture of wood fibres and binders scattered on a high-density fibreboard (HDF) carrier. With Woodura, the key is the addition of a thin sheet of wood. A combination of heat and pressure fuses this layer with the wood fibre core. The powder mix fills the natural openings of the wood layer, enhancing its appearance and giving the floor a range of properties for improved durability.

This process enables a more sustainable wood flooring product in two ways. First, it creates a valuable way to re-cycle wood powder that would otherwise be wasted, either from existing process steps or from old, used-up flooring cores. Additionally, by using thin sheets instead of solid wood, you can produce 10X more flooring from the same amount of lumber than possible with traditional engineered wood flooring.

Proven durability

Life-proof floors with the beauty of real wood

A flooring with a Woodura surface leaves your customers with fewer things to worry about. No more dents from shoes or falling objects. No more wear marks from running pets or children. No more scratches from moving furniture.


In fact, while Woodura offers the aesthetic benefits of traditional wood, the patented production method ensures that it is much stronger. In extensive testing, Woodura has been shown to offer three times the hardness of a typical hardwood like oak. It can also match the impact resistance of the very best class-34 laminate floors.   


The right Woodura for every room

Woodura gives your customers flexibility to choose from a wide range of design options. There are many ways to enhance the appearance of the wood, by combining different colour powder mixes in the production process. After pressing, the flooring is treated with lacquer or brushed with oil, for even more possibilities to impact the look and feel of the final product.

The unique production method also makes it easier to produce larger dimension flooring. The largest Woodura floors can be as long as 2379 mm (94 inches)! So, whether you’re looking for a contemporary or vintage touch, a rural feel or an industrial edge, there is a Woodura for every room.


Product build-up

  1. Hard wax oil and lacquer
  2. Wood veneer covering
  3. Wood-based powder layer
  4. Compositek
  5. Wood-based powder layer
  6. Wood veneer backing layer

For additional technical information, including relevant dimensions and more, please download the technical sheet for Woodura.


Bringing your customers the benefits of Woodura

At Välinge’s 22,000 m2 facility in Viken, Sweden, we have full capacity for in-house production of floors with Woodura reinforced surface technology. This enables us to support our licensees with a wide range of solutions to help you ensure fast time-to-market for your products. These include:

  • External pilot capacity for testing and start-up
  • Start-up training
  • Process optimization
  • Development of product range
  • In-depth education in wood powder process technology
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