Light weight. Heavy impact.

Our cutting-edge technology to make resilient floors lighter, easier to handle, and more sustainable. It’s an unrivalled way to produce, transport, store, deliver, and install resilient products.


Get more with less

The durability and easy maintenance of resilient flooring solutions has made them increasingly popular. But the heavy weight of rigid core floors, and of SPC in particular, has also caused drawbacks. Greater heft often means greater costs, greater environmental impact, and greater challenges across the supply chain.



That’s why we developed Liteback. This unique production method takes around three kilograms off every package of resilient flooring you sell – while simultaneously recycling valuable raw material back into your manufacturing. The final product is a lighter, more cost-effective, and more sustainable floor panel that even improves the well-being of your end consumers.


A difference you can feel

By reducing its weight, Liteback makes it easier to handle resilient flooring at every step: from the moment it comes off the line, to delivery and the sales process, and right up through installation.

But this is just the start of what it can offer. Whether it’s about saving time, saving materials, or – above all – saving money, Liteback technology creates a whole new range of benefits at every stage of the value chain.


A difference you can hear

When Välinge began development of Liteback, our aim was to be able to offer new benefits at every stage of the product lifecycle, including long after the flooring was installed. This meant not just creating a lighter resilient flooring that was easier to manufacture, ship, and install – but also one that would enhance the everyday well-being of the people who use it.


Liteback does this by improving the audio properties of the final flooring product. The same method that minimises the weight of the flooring also improves its impact sound reduction (ISO 717) by as much as 26%. This leads to a higher IIC (ASTM E492) rating, and it can be especially important for limiting noise between floors of multi-level buildings.


Liteback also reduces the radiated walking sound of the floors, creating a positive impact on the living environment of the room where the flooring is installed.

Liteback® can contribute to peoples’ well being by reducing the sound transmission between levels in multi-family houses. Thus, increasing the Impact sound reduction(IS) and the IIC rating.


A difference for the planet

The weight savings that Liteback offers can have a big impact on your annual costs. 
But equally important is the impact it can have on your carbon footprint.

Here is an example of the CO2 reductions that can be achieved when producing SPC flooring panels with Liteback.

Based on the assumption that approximately 350 million m2 LVT/SPC and WPC flooring is projected to beeing sold in Europe and North America; what would the environmental benefits be if this volume would have been made with Liteback? We did the math! The numbers speak for themselves. 

How it workS

Small grooves that make a huge difference

The heart of the Liteback panel technology is the Välinge grooving unit, which is typically installed in a line between the long and short-side profiling. This machine mills small grooves lengthwise from the reverse side of a thermoplastic board. The grooving unit collects the material removed in this process, sending it back to mixing where it can be reincorporated into the production of new boards – starting the process all over again.

Depending on the type, size, and design of your resilient flooring product, these small grooves can achieve weight reduction of up to 20% – or 3.5 kg per box!

Presentation of Liteback

Customer success stories

Välinge stories from around the world

Hundreds of flooring producers in countries all over the world have already discovered the benefits of using our floor locking technologies in their products. 


Read about stories worldwide about how we supported them and the difference that our technologies have made for them and their customers.


Partnerships with industry leaders around the globe

For three decades, Välinge has built close relationships with a diverse array of flooring and furniture manufacturers all around the world. These partnerships are about much more than simply licensing our patents. From start to finish, we work closely together to incorporate our technologies into their products in the best possible way, including making sure they have the required equipment and long-term support.

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Our technologies are known to truly optimise the qualities of your floor – regardless of material, width or thickness. When you combine our innovative solutions, you will get highly competitive products with some of the most advanced features on the market. Our technologies will make your floors more sustainable, easier to install, gain waterproof qualities and last a lifetime.

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