Optimising resilient flooring

Cutting-edge technology that makes resilient floors easier to handle, more sustainable and provides them with great acoustic properties. It’s an unrivalled solution for producing, transporting, storing, delivering, and installing modern resilient products.


It's time to redefine resilient flooring

Liteback is an innovative technology that enhances resilient products like LVT, SPC, and WPC with consumer-friendly and sustainable features. Liteback optimises raw material usage, removing up to 20% of the product material without compromising quality or performance. The excess material can be recycled and reused, promoting efficiency and sustainability. This allows resilient products to be recognised as a high-quality, environmentally responsible flooring.

Lower environmental impact

Reduced emissions through material efficiency, lighter products and increased freight density.  

Reduced noise levels

Up to 45% reduction of in-room walking sound and up to 60% improved insulation between floors.

High-quality opportunities

Thicker floors enable a premium installation system, making products more durable and easier to install.

Lower environmental impact ​

Material resource efficiency​

Greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase globally. Several continents are committed to reducing their emissions by as much as 50% by 2030. Both flooring producers and retailers can expect increasingly strict requirements to address these challenges.


Awareness and interest in environmental issues, sustainable products and production is growing rapidly among today’s – and tomorrow’s – consumers and many countries already have regulations and standards aimed at promoting resource efficiency in production.


Liteback facilitates optimising your resilient products. By allowing for up to 20% less material usage, it provides the opportunity to recycle and reuse material in production. Moreover, it makes products lighter, leading to higher freight density and more efficient transportation, resulting in reduced costs and CO2 emissions. 

Up to 25% more sqm in each container

Transporting resilient flooring is a heavy business — and it’s the weight that limits how much flooring a pallet, truck, or container can handle. Simply put, Liteback means more m2 per consignment — reducing both transportation costs and environmental impact.



1757 m2/container

Product weight: 9,9 kg/m2


2143 m2/container

Product weight: 8,1 kg/m2

Example: Loading of a 20” container

Example: 180 x 1220x 5/0,55 mm SPC + 1 mm IXPE = 18% weight savings

Reduced noise levels​

Up to 60% better sound insulation

Noise pollution is an increasingly important issue everywhere. There is a growing desire for calmer spaces and regulations on sound insulation in new buildings are becoming more common. 


The unique grooves on the back of the floor panels can reduce impact sound caused by walking, scraping furniture legs and playing on the floor. Standardised tests show that with Liteback, the in-room walking sound can be reduced by up to 45%, while the insulation between floors can be improved by up to 60%.


The efficiency of Liteback’s sound-reducing properties depends on the material composition, build up and underlay. The potential reduction for a specific product can be verified through testing.

High-quality opportunities

User-friendly experience

For a long time, the industry trend has been to make SPC products as thin as possible. This often resulted in lower quality and durability. Consequently, products are now becoming thicker with improved durability. However, heavier products are more difficult to handle and require more material.


With Liteback it is possible to produce robust panels with up to 20% less weight. Unlike other lightweight technologies, the unique grooves on back of the panel do not interfere with the locking system, ensuring it remains strong and robust. The unique grooves are customised to each product, and extensive testing ensure that the technology do not compromise quality or performance.


Since Liteback enables all the benefits of a thicker floor, including the use of a high-quality installation system. This makes products easier to install and more durable, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Savings across the value chain

By reducing its weight, Liteback makes it easier to handle resilient flooring at every step: from the moment it comes off the line, to delivery and the sales process, and right up through installation.


But this is just the start of what it can offer. Whether it’s about saving time, saving materials, or – above all – saving money, Liteback technology creates a whole new range of benefits at every stage of the value chain.

How it workS

Small grooves with big results

By removing material from the core through milled grooves on the back of the panel, the weight of the final product can be reduced with up to 20%, without changing the material composition or compromising quality or performance. This solution is ideal for resilient panels 4 mm or thicker.


By using a grooving unit, grooves are milled on the backside of the floorboard. The material that is removed in the process is recycled back into the production process, thereby reducing material consumption with up to 20%.

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Well-proven technology

World-leading R&D Centre

At our headquarters in Viken, Sweden we have state-of-the-art production facilities and one of the world’s leading R&D Centres for flooring and furniture. Our team of highly skilled engineers and innovators tailor our support services to meet specific needs, ensuring  maximum product performance. This guarantees that all partners have the best possible solution for their products.

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Liteback presentation

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Liteback introduction

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