Wall-friendly installation

Create an instant wow-factor by letting your floor panels climb up the wall. 5G Climb is the fastest and easiest way to change the look of a room when creativity strikes.

5G Climb

Make your floor climb the wall

5G Climb – Install wall panels in a snap!
With floors that climb the wall, consumers get new possibilities to be creative. And you get a new way to boost your flooring sales.

5G Climb makes it incredibly easy to use flooring to create accent walls. Designed clips, supplied by Välinge, make it possible to instantly attach the panels to support rails made from the same material. No tools are necessary! Use the floor boards as wall panels and support rails, grab your unique 5G Climb clips, and start getting creative. You simply click the panels into place: horizontally, vertically, or even in a herringbone pattern.


Multifunctional use

Easy to implement! The same
choice of panels can be used for
both floors and walls.


Design solution

This solution is perfectly suitable for all materials and allows for multiple pattern installation.



Create your wall with floor panels and support rails and lock them together with a clip.

Presentation of 5G Climb

5G Climb installation video

5G Climb technical animation

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