Improve indoor air quality

An ideal flooring technology that improves indoor air quality and breaks down virus and bacteria for a healthier indoor environment.


The invisible room cleaner

Today it’s clearer than ever just how important clean air is for the healthiness of an indoor environment. At Välinge, we asked “what if the flooring in a room could improve the same room’s air quality?”


The answer was Hygienius, revolutionary surface technology involving a unique additive integrated into the lacquer. When exposed to light, this additive activates a process to break down harmful emissions, bacteria, and odours, creating a more pleasant – and healthier – environment.

Hygienius technology has a documented record of improving cleanability and reducing harmful substance indoor environments – both in studies conducted within Välinge as well as in third-party laboratory testing. This unique solution has also won an award for innovation at the DOMOTEX World of Flooring tradeshow.

Reduction of virus and bacteria

By a natural photocatalytic process, the Hygienius surface breaks down viruses, bacteria and hazardous substances.

Improved air quality

Degradation of harmful emissions and harsh odors, leading to significantly improved  indoor air quality.

Fast and easy to clean

Clean more thoroughly while using less water and detergents. The floor air dries quicker without streaks after cleaning.


A better indoor environment with antibacterial and VOC reducing properties

We spend most of our lives indoors. But the air we encounter is often more polluted than what we breathe outside. The presences of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as formaldehyde, and other harmful emissions can result in serious medical problems – from exacerbating allergies and respiratory conditions to causing chronic headaches.



The transformative additive in Hygienius™ helps to prevent these risks by breaking down VOCs and other harmful emissions through a natural photocatalytic process, generating harmless water and CO2.


And unlike conventional air-cleaning technologies, the active process in Hygienius flooring does not consume the key substances in the additive. That means that once your Hygienius floors are installed, you can count on improved indoor air quality for the entire lifetime of the surface.


A cleaner, safer environment

In addition to VOCs, third-party studies have shown that Hygienius kills up to 98.9% of bacteria and viruses. It can even eliminate odours like persistent cigarette smells and assist in breaking down and decomposing fungi.


By changing the behaviour of water and liquid on the floor surface, Hygienius also makes the floors easier to clean. It’s simpler to remove dirt and minimise unattractive moisture streaks.


  • Easier, faster cleaning during entire lifetime of original floor surface
  • Floors can air dry, with reduced risk of streaks that can appear after normal cleaning
  • More thorough cleaning with less water and detergent – for improved sustainability


Improving air quality with the power of the light

The light-induced power of Hygienius technology allows it to be used in virtually any type of indoor environment. Here’s how it works:

  • A titanium dioxide (TiO2) additive is integrated into the lacquer layer of the flooring
  • Light hitting the floor surface activates the TiO2. This can be both natural sunlight coming in through a window, or artificial light present in the room itself.
  • A natural photocatalytic process generates an air-purifying reaction
  • This reaction decomposes toxic contaminants, converting them to H2O and CO2


Bringing your customers the benefits of Hygienius

At Välinge’s 22,000 m2 facility in Viken, Sweden, we have full capacity for in-house production of floors with Nadura solid surface technology. This enables us to support our licensees with a wide range of solutions to help you ensure fast time-to-market for your products. These include:

  • External pilot capacity for testing and start-up
  • Start-up training
  • Process optimization
  • Development of product range
  • In-depth education in wood powder process technology
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