Truly worry-free flooring

A unique solution to create floors with extreme durability, outstanding scratch resistance and endless design possibilities. Production can be done with recycled materials to significantly improve the environmental impact.


Exceptionally durable surfaces

Why should you – or your customers – be forced to choose between comfort and endurance? Or between style and sustainability? At Välinge Innovation, we believe that the right flooring should provide it all. And that’s the idea behind our Nadura solid surface technology.


Nadura gives you greater durability than the toughest stone tiles, with warm comfort that rivals the most luxurious wood floors. The flexible processing technique also allows for nearly endless design possibilities, while enabling you to recycle materials in your production for an improved environmental impact.

Zero scratches and wear

Extreme durability with outstanding scratch resistance. An easy maintained solid surface without need for overlay.

Endless possibilities

The wood powder technology allows an endless variety of surface and structure design – all with no worries about wear.

Recycled material

The long-lasting surface is based on recycled, high quality wood powder. A smarter and more sustainable choice. 


Innovating a more sustainable, more durable flooring surface

The development of Nadura started with a simple question at Välinge Innovation: how can we make better use of flooring materials? The result was our patented wood powder process – the same innovation that’s also behind the Woodura reinforced wood surface technology.

The Nadura top layer starts by mixing wood fibres with binders as well as compounds for enhancing the design. The well-defined mixture is scattered onto a carrier, typically high-density fibreboard (HDF), where a combination of heat and pressure enable the production of a surface with both superior wear properties and realistic textures.

In addition to a more durable product, this unique method offers big potential for cost savings and improved sustainability. It’s a valuable way to re-use wood powder from existing process steps, such as sawing, sanding, or milling operations, that would otherwise be wasted. It even makes it possible to recycle wood cores from old, used-up floorboards, thereby contributing to a circular product lifecycle.


Life-proof flooring for virtually any environment

Unlike traditional laminate flooring, floors with a wood powder Nadura surface have no overlays that can succumb to abrasion, nor do they have thin paper layers to compromise wear resistance. Nadura is free from melamine overlays or printed papers, giving a pure, natural look. With endless design possibilities and unmatched durability, Nadura thus gives you suitable options for almost any residential or commercial setting.   

In fact, repeated testing has shown that Nadura’s solid surface provides far more wear and impact resistance than traditional floors. Compared to both ceramic tiles and laminate flooring (DPL), Nadura ages more slowly and withstands falls from heavier objects without breaking.


Product build-up

  1. Nadura solid surface top layer
  2. High-density fibreboard (HDF) – high-quality, moisture-resistant core
  3. Powder backing – balancing layer for product stability

For more details, including additional information on Nadura’s resistance properties and relevant third-party classifications, please download our technical sheet


Bringing your customers the benefits of Nadura

At Välinge’s 22,000 m2 facility in Viken, Sweden, we have full capacity for in-house production of floors with Nadura solid surface technology. This enables us to support our licensees with a wide range of solutions to help you ensure fast time-to-market for your products. These include:

  • External pilot capacity for testing and start-up
  • Start-up training
  • Process optimization
  • Development of product range
  • In-depth education in wood powder process technology

For the fastest possible start-up time, we recommend choosing a product design from one of the four Välinge Nadura Collections.

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