Straight set installation

Finally, there is a smart – and easy – way to install floors in rectangle or square patterns without panels moving and shifting. 5G Cross keeps all panels in the desired positions with a result that lasts forever.

5G Cross

Keep your pattern forever in line

Our latest locking system keeps all panels in the desired position, making it possible to finally install flooring in both rectangle and square patterns – without the risk of panels moving or shifting. This solution works with all materials, is compatible with 5G Dry and combined with Decorative Groove you get the authentic look and feel of a stunning ceramic floor – without the hassle of grout. Installation is a breeze, and the specially designed 5G Cross™ component assures a 100% lasting pattern.


Panel shift

Keeps panels in desired positions
and eliminates all issues of
panels moving and shifting.

100 %

Lasting look

Straight set installation for an
authentic ceramic look, without
the hassle of grout.



Based on 5G Fold Down –
installation of both panels and
Cross™ inserts is easy and reliable.

5G Cross

Leakproof seams

The demand for highly functional floors that are easy to install and maintain and have waterproof properties is constantly growing. 5G Cross is easy to combine with our leakproof installation system 5G Dry. Together, they successfully prevent all risks of leaking joints and water damage to the subfloor and ensure easy-to-install products with long-lasting results.

5G Cross

A small but mighty component

The unique 5G Cross component works by being placed in the joint crossing to prevent panels from shifting during installation and use. Simple, smart, and highly efficient!


5G Cross for Chevron

Easy installation of flooring in traditional patterns keeps on growing in popularity. Our new cross component makes installing long-lasting chevron patterns more reliable. It secures panel positions and ensures reliable and durable results.

Pattern installation​

Create a classic look

Installing floors in traditional styles, such as chequered patterns, straight sets of rectangles, or timeless chevron floors, has never been easier or more reliable thanks to 5G Cross technology. 5G Cross keeps all panels in the desired position– without the risk of panels moving or shifting. It works great with all materials, such as laminate, resilient and wood.

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Presentation of 5G Cross

Spela videoklipp

5G Cross animation video

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