Push down installation

Our one-piece installation technology is especially well-suited to make installation of resilient floors easier. The integrated floor lock secures maximum strength and increased durability.


Integrated Push Down system

5G-i Push Down is a patented, one-piece installation technology with a locking element integrated into the core. It is particularly suited to resilient or rigid core flooring, such as SPC, LVT, or WPC.

One person can install 5G-i flooring on their own, through a simple method in which the product is angled into place on the long side before being pushed down. Tapping with a soft mallet then ensures a secure connection, resulting in a durable floor with maximum strength for its category. Keep reading or contact us to learn more.


  • Fast and easy installation
  • Strong locking with integrated locking element
  • 30% stronger than other one-piece solutions
  • Possibilities for a wide range of patterns – including herringbone!

Displayed value is a mean value of 5 mesurements highlighting the force required to reach a 0.2 mm gap opening. For each product, the Välinge 2G and 5G-i locking systems were re-profiled and tested versus the alternative profiles in the same material, according to ISO 24334:2006.


One-piece installation

As a panel is folded down, a locking strip has been designed to smoothly bend due to each panel’s guiding surfaces. When the guiding surfaces have passed each other, the locking strip flexes back and thereby pulls downthe folded panel into a perfectly aligned and locked position.

Flexible pattern

Fast and easy installation

Do you prefer flooring in a herringbone pattern, square baskets, parallel rows, stone pattern or in straight sets of squares? Our profiles for pattern installation feature short side locking systems that are compatible with the locking system on the long side, thereby providing flexibility to the installation.

5G-i is a one-piece solution that allows for easy installation of flooring in classic patterns like herringbone, stone or square baskets. The flexible locking strip makes sure the panels are perfectly aligned.

PRO performance

Upgrade to 5G-i PRO

Our new 5G-i PRO technology optimises push down installations with stronger and longer-lasting results. Available for all resilient products. Read more about it here!

Spela videoklipp
5G-i Resilient Animation
Spela videoklipp
5G-i Herringbone Resilient Animation
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