Surface technologies

Our unique surface solutions make it possible to create flooring that is much stronger, longer lasting and more sustainable than ever before. These technologies are so innovative they can even help creating a better indoor environment.

Our technologies

Innovating surfaces that last

At Välinge Innovation, we have a business unit dedicated to pushing the boundaries of surface solutions used for flooring as well as furniture products. Our experts continuously look for new ways to make our licensees’ products stronger, longer lasting, and even more hygienic. Boosting sustainability is a key focus in everything we do – both when it comes to your production as well as the products themselves.

All of this development has led to unique, patented surface technologies that are changing the game in the industry. Our solutions have not only resulted in improvements to well-established flooring products – today they are even creating all new categories of flooring.

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Partnerships with industry leaders around the globe

For three decades, Välinge has built close relationships with a diverse array of flooring and furniture manufacturers all around the world. These partnerships are about much more than simply licensing our patents. From start to finish, we work closely together to incorporate our technologies into their products in the best possible way, including making sure they have the required equipment and long-term support.

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Floors that are made for the future

With more than 30 years in the industry we dare to say that we are experts in creating innovative flooring technologies. We are especially renowned for our versatile, market-leading installation systems and our unique solutions to produce both wood and resilient floors in more sustainable ways. All our technologies are well-known for adding valuable advantages and making all products highly competitive.