Push Down installation with enhanced flexibility

Onepush is our brand-new installation technology with a unique, integrated locking system that improves both flexibility and durability of the new generation of resilient flooring products.


Integrated flexibility

Onepush is a unique one-piece installation system that ensures built-in flexibility and strong horizontal and vertical connections. Resilient flooring options often have a harder and more inelastic structure, this puts the locking technology to the test and to avoid damaging floor panels during installation, an easy-to-use installation system with extra flexibility is required.


The unique flexibility is created in a post-forming process that makes it possible to shape the joint with heat. The result is a flexible locking system that facilitates installation and creates more durable products.

Durable installation

Strong, durable push down installation done without tools.

Extra flexible

Lower risk for panel damages during installation.

Easy dismantling

Simply angle the panels out to take them apart.


Tool-less installation with lasting results

Onepush allows panels to be easily pushed down without needing tools or force, this means less stress and damage to both joints and panels and leads to fewer complaints and happier customers.


Innovative collaboration

Onepush is the successful result of an exclusive collaboration between Välinge and the European companies Inovame and Kreafin, part of Gerflor, which together developed the post-forming production method.


You partner for groundbreaking inventions

At Välinge, we are well-known for our pioneering mindset and cutting-edge inventions. For more than 30 years, we’ve challenged traditional ways of thinking, and we continue to lead the development of the flooring and furniture industry with our patented technologies.

We are innovation experts who offer third parties various opportunities for cooperation where we share our deep knowledge in all areas from research and development to licensing and commercialization of the technology.


Collaborating with a market-leading company is always a good idea!

Onepush Resilient Technical Animation
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