Our history

Our story begins over three decades ago when we invented the first ever mechanical floor locking system. This transformed our industry forever and we have kept leading the way ever since.

We create change

Decades of continuous innovation

Innovation has been the heart and soul of our business since day one. For 30 years, we have constantly challenged the technological solutions of the day, bringing new ways of thinking to the flooring, furniture, and surface technologies used in people’s everyday lives. It’s how we revolutionise new possibilities for both our licensees and their customers.

Browse the timeline below to learn more about some of the innovation milestones in Välinge’s history.

Revolutionary innovations

Välinge Innovation history


Darko Pervan

With his name on more than one thousand patents, it’s easy to see why Välinge’s founder Darko Pervan is considered a titan in the world of flooring and surface technologies. Mr. Pervan’s record of innovation stretches back to the 1970s, when he initiated a project that resulted in the world’s first laminate flooring. Since then, he has continued to play a vital role in the biggest developments to impact the industry.

In the early 1990s, Mr. Perván established Välinge, developing the first mechanical locking system for installing wood and laminate flooring. This initial innovation paved the way for today’s range of unique floor locking technologies. As the company grew, Mr. Perván drove Välinge’s development into all new areas, including the start of our powder surface technologies and the Threespine furniture solution.

After 18 years as CEO of Välinge, Mr. Pervan retired from the role in 2011. He remains active in the company as the Chairman and CEO of Pervanovo Invest AB, Välinge’s majority owner. Through Pervanovo, Mr. Pervan has also expanded his business interests with the launch of new subsidiaries that include the BJELIN Flooring Group in Sweden and Croatia.