Liteback grooving units

The secret behind our trailblazing Liteback technology is the unique grooving unit. It’s easily implemented directly in the profiling line or as a standalone option. Let our experts support you in finding the perfect solution.


Grooving units for manufacturing resilient flooring

Välinge’s Liteback panel technology is truly a game changer for making heavy resilient flooring products more sustainable, more cost effective, and easier to handle across the supply chain. The heart of this technology is Välinge’s grooving unit, which mills out a small amount of material from the backside of the flooring panel during production. This process not only makes the resulting product lighter. It also enables the core material to be recycled, reducing overall raw material consumption.

How it works

Installing a grooving unit in your production

In the optimal set-up, a grooving unit is incorporated directly in the profiling line, in between the profiling of the long side and the short side. This ensures the most efficient possible Liteback production. In situations where it may not be possible to retrofit a grooving unit into an existing line, you can also install the equipment as a standalone “off-line” option, either before or after the completion of the profiling step.

Välinge’s experts will work closely with you to make sure you have a full, turn-key solution that is ready for fast start-up. We help you install and configure the grooving unit, and we can work with you to finetune the spacing and depth of the grooves to provide the best possible results for your specific flooring products. We also offer training for your operators, either on-site at your location or here at our 22,000 m2 R&D facility in Viken, Sweden.

To learn more about how you can adapt your production for Liteback, contact us today.