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With over three decades of experience from the flooring industry, you can be absolutely sure that we know what we are doing. Explore our wide range of market-leading flooring technologies covering everything from installation systems to surface treatments.

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Innovations that make a difference

Välinge Innovation is an influential change-maker within the worlds of flooring and furniture. We pioneered our industry with the world’s first mechanical floor locking system and have continued making market-leading flooring technologies ever since. Our solutions provide easy and versatile installation, waterproof features, sustainable production and stronger surfaces. They even help creating healthier indoor environments and they make all floors last significantly longer. As innovators our aim is to make a difference – always exploring new ways to create sustainable change with positive environmental impact. 

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Partnerships with industry leaders around the globe

For three decades, Välinge has built close relationships with a diverse array of flooring and furniture manufacturers all around the world. These partnerships are about much more than simply licensing our patents. From start to finish, we work closely together to incorporate our technologies into their products in the best possible way, including making sure they have the required equipment and long-term support.


Licensing cutting edge technology

We have a large patent portfolio covering a wide range of different technologies within the flooring and furniture industry. We have more than 4 000 granted patents and a global, growing base of over 300 licensees producing high performing products with our technologies.

Customer success stories

Välinge stories from around the world

Hundreds of flooring producers in countries all over the world have already discovered the benefits of using our floor locking technologies in their products. 


Read about stories worldwide about how we supported them and the difference that our technologies have made for them and their customers.