Stronger and more durable angling installations

Our new and improved angling installation system, 2G PRO significantly enhances the strength and extends the lifespan of all types of resilient flooring.


Optimised solution for resilient floors

The right installation system is essential to ensure the strength and durability that resilient products such as LVT/SPC, and WPC are designed for. With 2G PRO, we developed an outstanding update of our well-known, robust 2G angling installation system. It maximises performance and offers up to double vertical locking strength along with significantly improved durability, compared to a traditional angling system. 2G PRO offers solid and reliable connections and successfully prevents gaps and unwanted height differences between the floorboards.

PRO Strength

Optimised products with up to two times stronger vertical locking.

PRO Durability

Significantly improved longevity benefit consumers and the environment.

PRO Performance

Reliable results without height differences during the lifetime of the floor.


Enhanced installation strength

Vertical Load tests show that flooring, as thin as 3.5 mm, double their locking strength when profiled with 2G PRO instead of traditional angling or snapping systems.

Increased product longevity

2G PRO significantly increases flooring durability and ensures long-lasting results making it a smart choice for both consumers and environment.


Castor Chair tests show that resilient flooring using 2G PRO can withstand up to three times as many revolutions as the same product equipped with a traditional angling installation system. The improved quality allows products to handle heavier traffic which can lead to existing products reaching Class 31 and Class 32 standards simply by changing the installation system.


PRO performance

The ideal upgrade for resilient floors

Our new and exceptionally strong installation system, 2G PRO, makes it possible to easily upgrade your resilient products with superior strength and durability. Combined with our fold down or push down systems you’ll optimise product performance with vertical connections that are up to two times stronger and greatly enhanced product longevity.


Angling installation

Superior strength and durability

Improve your resilient products with significantly enhanced locking strength and increased longevity using our brand-new, updated angling installation system.

5G-i PRO

Push down installation

Optimised one-piece system


Fold down installation

Stronger and more long-lasting than ever

Boost your resilient products with much enhanced strength and durability. Combine the improved long side profile with our 5G-i technology for strong, reliable push down installations or use it with our favoured 5G Fold Down to further improve the results of the market’s fastest and easiest installation system.

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2G PRO Resilient Animation

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