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Building reliable and trustworthy partnerships

The right floor locking technology is invaluable for increasing quality and durability of all flooring products. To ensure the perfect fit for a product, an experienced partner is needed.

For Juleo Group Ltd, the partnership with Välinge has met all their expectations.


“Our floor locking technologies are market-leading and will undoubtedly enhance product quality”, says Laetitia Kimblad, Floor Locking Director at Välinge Innovation. “To ensure that our partners get the right fit, we need to understand their values, needs and goals.”


Välinge’s innovative 5G technology is well-known, worldwide, for making floor installations faster and easier than ever with results that are highly durable and reliable. Offering first-class technologies together with impeccable service and support to all partners is of utmost importance to Välinge.


Gesner Hudon is President and CEO at Juleo Group Ltd, an experienced and well-respected Canadian importer of various building materials. Ges is happy to share what Välinge’s 5G technology has done for their products and how much the Juleo Group appreciate their relationship with Välinge.


ges from Juleo
Gesner Hudon, President and CEO at Juleo Group Ltd


“We were dissatisfied with the experience we had with another floor locking patent holder, but Välinge changed this, and we are very happy to have a close relationship with such an innovative company”, says Ges.


Juleo is a B2B company that specialises in developing building material products and in helping distributors market them in Canada. They sell exclusively to large distributors and are represented in every province and territory throughout Canada, from Vancouver Island in the west to Newfoundland Island on the east coast.


“Juleo’s mission is to successfully position the right product in the right market”, Gesner Hudon continues. “Too many flooring promoters don’t understand what they are selling, resulting in customers leaving stores with the wrong products for their needs. Through proper product development and suitable training of our client’s salespeople we ensure that this won’t happen.”


Implementing Välinge’s technologies on all products

Juleo has a deep knowledge of the markets they operate in and the products they sell. They are meticulous about offering high-quality products that are easy to install and provide reliable and lasting results.


“We first started working with Välinge through our PVC flooring factory which is one of their licensees”, Ges explains. “Once we met with them, we quickly found out that they could help us, and we were pleased to learn that they actually had an interest in our company and what we wanted to achieve. This is what made us choose Välinge technologies on all of our products”.


Partnering with Välinge means premium floor locking systems that ensure easy installation, long-lasting and reliable results. In addition, you get impeccable support and service, and you are always among the first to learn about new technologies and available updates.


“The direct contact we have with Välinge and the possibilities to openly discuss our needs and concerns with such an experienced partner has been invaluable to us”, says Ges.


Future investments for Juleo

Juleo currently uses several of Välinge’s floor locking systems and at the moment they are looking to implement both 5G® Cross™ and 5G® Climb™. The brand-new 5G Cross technology makes it easy to install flooring in rectangle or square patterns with a 100% lasting result. This brings opportunities to create flooring with the aesthetics and performance of a real ceramic floor but with an installation experience that is much smoother and much faster.

5G Climb makes it easy to install floor panels as wall panels and gives all customers an opportunity to creatively personalize their spaces by simply letting the floor climb up the walls.


“Both technologies are very interesting and offer features we think our clients would really appreciate”, says Gesner Hudon adding that “Working with Välinge means that our flooring collections are always updated, and our clients get nothing but first-class products.”

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