Threespine® join forces with SCM Group for South-East Asia expansion

Viken, Sweden

Välinge Innovation has established a cooperation with production line manufacturer, SCM Group, to accelerate Threespine® production expansion in South-East Asia — initially focusing on Malaysia.

The first project of the partnership saw SCM Group — one of the three global woodworking machinery titans — and Välinge working closely with the producer, Matak, to deliver Malaysia’s first high-volume Threespine® profiling line for SCM. Matak’s production capacity will exceed 500,000 units per year and will be an important sourcing option for the accelerating retail demand for Threespine® Click Furniture Technology.

“It’s really exciting for SCM Group to cooperate with Välinge — together, we can promote Threespine® solutions using our machinery across the whole of Asia,” says Nico Sassolini, Managing Director, SCM Group Asia. “We are developing machines that will utilise the benefits of Threespine® to improve the productivity of cabinet manufacturing. After Matak in Pasir Gudang, Johor, the next stop will be neighboring states later in 2021.”

Threespine® is a revolution for the industry, omnichannel retailers, and consumers — enabling a total rethink in how furniture is produced, transported, stored, and sold — with cost and space savings at every step of the supply chain. The technology is suitable for any manufacturer and all types of materials — from flatpack to fine furniture, to fully-fitted kitchens.

“It’s an exciting time for Threespine® and our collaborations with the big-hitters in machine manufacturing is a sure sign that the technology is more relevant than ever to consumers, retailers, and manufacturers as the retail landscape shifts in a new direction,” says Jonas Banestig, Senior Key Account Manager Furniture Technology, Välinge Innovation. “Our partnership with SCM will reap immediate benefits as the new profiling line will significantly increase the volume for Threespine® production in Malaysia which will be a welcome addition to the growing global demand for our innovative click-furniture technology.”

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Jonas Banestig
Senior Key Account Manager
Furniture Technology
Välinge Innovation
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