Välinge announces Meisterwerke as their first European 5G Dry licensee

Viken, Sweden

Välinge Innovation’s first European 5G Dry® licensee, German flooring manufacturer Meisterwerke, has launched a brand-new collection of laminate floors with leakproof seams.


“Meisterwerke is a long-term partner of Välinge, and we are very happy to further deepen our cooperation. With our 5G Dry technology their laminate collection will be even more competitive”, says Niklas Borgquist, Key Account Manager at Välinge Innovation.


5G Dry is Välinge’s leakproof installation system. Developed to meet market demand for high-performance floors that are easy to install. The unique technology has a waterproof joint that prevents liquids from seeping through the seams of the floor panels, minimising the risk of damage to both panels and the subfloor. 5G Dry gives all products a high level of waterproofing without needing to add coating or chemicals, either in production or on the finished product.


“With 5G Dry, we can offer our customers easy-to-install laminate products with waterproof seams. The outcomes are remarkable, and our subsequent move involves evaluating the integration of this leakproof installation system into other flooring types, thereby enhancing the durability of these products”, says Guido Schulte, Managing Director at Meisterwerke. Adding: ”Välinge shares our passion for innovation, and we truly appreciate working with such a reliable and trustworthy partner”.


Meisterwerke is a German, family-owned production company with 70 years of flooring expertise under its belt. They are a highly regarded international flooring partner and their well-known Meister brand is associated with high quality and innovative products.


Välinge Innovation, the inventors of the first ever mechanical floor locking system, are known worldwide for their market-leading technologies and innovative solutions.


“Interest in floors with waterproof properties continues to increase, and it’s clearly about to become the new standard for both wood, laminate and elastic products”, Niklas Borgquist concludes. “We are experiencing high demand for our 5G Dry technology, and it’s rewarding to hear how much our licensees and their customers appreciate its many benefits.”


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