Välinge files infringement action against Canadian companies Triforest Inc., Triforest Manufacturer Inc. et al.

Viken, Sweden

On May 15, 2024, Välinge Innovation filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the Canadian flooring manufacturers and distributors Triforest Inc. and Triforest Manufacturer Inc., alleging infringement of Välinge’s patent rights. The lawsuit was also filed against the Canadian retail entity Vancouver Mouldings & Floors Inc.


“Protecting our licensed partners and their business interests is of utmost importance to us and by taking legal action against companies doing business with infringing products, we ensure a fair market for our licensees”, states Jenny Svärd, Legal Director at Välinge Innovation.


Välinge is committed to maintaining the integrity of its intellectual property portfolio and to ensuring a level playing field for its global licensees.


“We continuously monitor the market to detect and stop patent infringement. We will undoubtedly act against any company that illegally manufactures or sells products using any of Välinge’s patented technologies,” Jenny Svärd adds.


The complaint, filed in Canadian Federal Court, asserts that the Triforest companies and Vancouver Mouldings & Floors have infringed several claims of two Canadian patents within Välinge’s extensive locking technology portfolio.


The products in question are believed to be manufactured without a license from Välinge. Furthermore, the complaint alleges that the patented 5G inserts, which are a key component of the functionality of Välinge’s 5G locking system, are sourced from an unauthorized manufacturer of said inserts.


Välinge Innovation, renowned for its pioneering mindset and innovative technologies, has been at the forefront of the global flooring industry for over three decades. As an industry-leading innovation company, Välinge has a patent portfolio of more than 3,500 granted patents for various flooring, furniture, and surface technologies and approximately 300 entities across the globe licensed to use its innovative solutions.


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