Välinge launches impressive range of brand-new inventions at Domotex 2024

Viken, Sweden

Välinge starts the new year by launching several brand-new, high-performing flooring technologies at Domotex 2024.


Välinge is a highly regarded innovation company known for its market-leading flooring technologies and for always being one step ahead. This year is no exception, and they are introducing several advanced flooring technologies with sought-after benefits to the market.


Optimised solution for resilient floors

2G PRO™ is a brand-new angling installation system and an excellent update of their robust 2G technology. The new system offers up to double vertical locking strength and up to three times higher durability in Castor Chair tests. Combined with 5G™ Fold Down or 5G-i™ Push Down, the product’s performance is further optimised.


“2G PRO boosts performance of all resilient products. Our new launches, 5G PRO™ and 5G-i PRO™, are the optimised result of using the improved long side profile with our well-known 5G Fold Down or 5G-i installation systems. This is how you get easy-to-install products with excellent locking strength and enhanced durability”, says Laetitia Kimblad, Floor Locking Director at Välinge Innovation.


Keep it Dry

5G Dry™ is Välinge’s well-known waterproof installation system. With their latest update, they can now offer leakproof seams with a perfect fit for all resilient products whether they use an angling, fold down or push down installation system.


“Customers want worry-free flooring, and choosing a resilient product with a leakproof installation system gives them just that”, says Caroline Landgård, Business Developer for Floor Locking at Välinge Innovation.


New patterns and wall-friendly updates

5G Cross™ is a revolutionary technology launched in early 2023, making floor installation in straight sets fast and easy while keeping all panels in line. 5G Cross for Chevron is the brand-new addition that makes installing chevron patterns just as easy, with results that are just as reliable and long-lasting.


“It’s a great solution to make straight-set and chevron installations easier and successfully keep all panels in the desired positions, says Carl-Filip Sewring, Business Developer for Floor Locking at Välinge Innovation.


5G Climb™ is a user-friendly solution for installing floor panels on the wall. It’s compatible with all products using a 5G locking system, and all you need to add is a uniquely designed clip. This year, Välinge introduces a new and improved clip that handles floor panels in multiple thicknesses, making the technology even more versatile.


The NXT generation of installation systems

5G NXT™ is an innovative update of Välinge’s 5G technology. It has a more sustainable insert, makes flooring easy to install, remove, and reinstall, and further reduces the environmental impact of wood flooring.


“With 5G NXT, installation is fast, easy, and tool-less. Dismantling is effortless, done simply by tapping the panels, creating endless possibilities to install, remove, and reinstall the floor. Results are always reliable and long-lasting”, explains Caroline Landgård.


Push down installations with enhanced flexibility

Onepush™ is a new installation technology with an integrated locking system that improves the flexibility and durability of the new generation of resilient flooring. It’s the successful result of an exclusive collaboration between Välinge and the European companies Kreafin, part of Gerflor, and Inovame.


“With resilient floors becoming more rigid, push-down installations are put to the test. If the system is not flexible enough, floor panels can be damaged during installation”, says Laetitia Kimblad.  “Onepush’s unique flexibility, created in a post-forming process, effectively solves this problem.”


It really is an impressive line-up of high-performing news. Don’t miss the chance to experience them for yourself. Meet Välinge’s experienced team of flooring experts at Domotex Hannover, January 11th to 14th, hall 20, booth A08.


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