Välinge’s first SPC Flooring licensee in Malaysia

Viken, Sweden

Two years ago, Eng Joo decided to launch a line of SPC flooring products. “From the start, we knew that we wanted to include click locking technology, but exactly which technology to implement became a hot topic of debate,” says Christopher Kwa, Eng Joo’s Managing Director. “After evaluating all our options, we were impressed by Välinge’s dedication to continuous development and improvement – qualities that made their solutions the obvious choice for our new products.”

To start, Eng Joo will be releasing products utilising Välinge’s 2G Angling but are already gearing up to introduce products with 5G Fold Down, including the latest 5G Dry and 5G Climb features. We look forward to partnering with them on this innovation journey!

For more information, please contact;
Raja Anandaraj
Key Account Manager – India / South East Asia

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