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BBL extends license agreement to include Liteback core technology

The Chinese flooring producer Jiangsu Beier Decoration Materials Co., Ltd – also known as BBL – has signed a license agreement with Välinge for the use of Liteback® sustainable core technology for thermoplastic flooring. 


BBL has been a Välinge licensee since 2008 and today sells both laminate and thermoplastic flooring products with locking systems from Välinge. With the new license agreement in place, BBL will be to offer floor products with lower environmental impact from both production and transportation.

”The implementation of Liteback® takes us one step closer towards our sustainability goals. Furthermore, it enables us to develop a whole new range of greener products and thereby provide more attractive alternatives for the environmentally concerned customer,” says BBL Sales Manager Camilla Gong

A grooving unit used for the production of Liteback® has been delivered to BBL and the first products featuring the technology are scheduled to be released during the first quarter this year.

Visit Välinge or BBL at DOMOTEX on January 10-13 for more information.

About Liteback®

Liteback technology enables material to be removed from the core of thermoplastic floorings, thereby reducing the weight of the final product with up to 20%. All handling of the product thus becomes easier and more efficient: from delivery out of the production unit to the time of purchase and during installation by the final user. The production process involves the use of a grooving unit to mill grooves on the backside of the floorboard. The material that is removed in the process is recycled back into the production process, thereby reducing material consumption with up to 20%.

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