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Viken, Sweden

Are you looking for a quick, easy and effortless solution to assemble everything from single cabinets to fully fitted kitchens? Threespine® is your answer!

This might look like a traditional face frame cabinet – but what you don’t see is how fast and easy it was to put it together. Assembly was a one-person job, done in seconds, with no need of fittings or tools. It just clicked together, in only 40 seconds to be more precise – with a secure and reliable result. Now imagine the time-savings this brings when putting an entire kitchen together – a pretty appealing feature for both professionals and DIYs, right?

– Customers love how easy it is to assemble our kitchen cabinets now and are amazed with the solid results. Our sales staff agree – they find it much easier to sell click cabinets and are surprised by how quick the benefits of fast and easy click-installations have spread across the market, says Bjørn-Erik Finstad at Elkjøp Nordic when talking about how Threespine helped growing their Epoq kitchen business.

Threespine truly is a revolutionary way to create interior design with next level features. It’s the fastest and easiest solution to assemble furniture available and you simply click the pieces together. A process that is so effortless and so brilliant it makes furniture assembly up to 10 times faster than any traditional option. Suiting all materials and all designs – Threespine is clearly bringing un-paralleled competitive advantages to both retailers and manufacturers putting them at the forefront with effortless furniture assembly – whether done at the factory or at home – and environmentally friendly flat-pack transports. Undoubtedly, this is a more sustainable, trouble-free and cost-efficient solution for all involved.

Our revolutionary click technology is about to change the furniture industry forever and it will certainly make you re-think conventional ways of putting furnishings together.

Meeting the future with us is so easy – it’s hard to resist.

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We are excited to show all advantages this game-changing solution can bring to your products. Meet us at KBIS in Las Vegas, January 31 to February 2, 2023, booth W4374.

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