Välinge Flooring’s Premium Rigid Core Collection receives prestigious award from FCNews

Viken, Sweden

The premium rigid core collection released from Välinge Flooring earlier this year certainly is a real game-changer. It’s getting a lot of attention in the industry and was recently awarded at Floor Covering News’ “FCNnovation awards 2022” for its innovative features.

Designed in Sweden with the look and feel of the most luxurious wood floor the Rigid Core collection from Välinge Flooring highlights the beauty of nature and honors the company’s Scandinavian roots. This brand-new collection is packed with some of Välinge Innovation’s most advanced technologies, and the result is an outstanding product in terms of versatility, sound absorption, weight, strength and waterproofness.

“We are very proud to be recognized with the “FCNnovation awards 2022”. Our rigid core collection brings un-paralleled advantages to this category of flooring, and it means a lot that FCNews boosts this trailblazing range with valuable attention, says Zach Adams, General Manager Välinge North America Inc.

FCNnovation Awards is the flooring magazine, Floor Covering News, way to recognize and showcase groundbreaking and industry-changing ideas. It’s honoring innovative solutions and accomplishments within the flooring industry.

This Rigid Core collection is equipped with the 5G® Dry™ locking system – meaning you get the fastest, easiest and most reliable installation available. With the unique, water tight joint the floor is also waterproof with no risk for liquids leaking through the seams and creating damage to the subfloor. Also integrated is the revolutionary Liteback® technology that lowers the weight of the floor with 20 percent – meaning less material, less heavy transports and a smaller environmental foot print. It also adds noise-cancelling properties for a much improved sound environment and the light weight makes the installation experience easier for both professionals and DIYs. This in combination with a scratch resistant surface, outstanding EIR and the luxurious larger formats truly makes this Rigid Core collection in a class by itself.

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