Furniture Producer Matak Scales Up with Threespine® Click Furniture Technology

Viken, Sweden

Välinge Innovation has completed integration of Threespine® Click Furniture technology with furniture producer, Matak, to accelerate their production expansion in Malaysia.

Matak, a Malaysian furniture producer, recently invested in a completely new machine line from SCM specifically configurated for complete Threespine profiling in just a single run. Välinge worked closely with the machine producer, SCM, to deliver Malaysia’s first high-volume Threespine profiling line for Matak. Välinge has supplied three automatic high speed inserters which were installed in the line to complement the SCM machines resulting in a high efficiency production of Threespine easy-to-assemble furniture.

In February 2022, the Välinge team of specialists successfully supported Matak on-site to start producing furniture featuring Threespine Click Furniture Technology.

Matak’s production capacity will exceed 500,000 units per year and will be an important sourcing option for the accelerating retail demand for Threespine® Click Furniture Technology.

“Our partnership with SCM and Matak has resulted in a new high-volume profiling line which significantly increases the production volumes of furniture components with Threespine® in Malaysia. We welcome this addition to respond to the growing global demand for our innovative click-furniture technology,” said Jonas Banestig, Senior Key Account Manager for Asia. “Thanks to a great teamwork with the staff at Matak, we successfully installed the automatic inserters and performed the training of the operators with ease.”

The SCM machine line for Threespine is configured to offer the best technological innovations, top performance levels, easy to install and distributed worldwide.

Threespine® Click Furniture is a technology that dramatically changes the manufacturing philosophy and assembly time in the furniture kits sector, for a compatible, practical and highly attractive, sustainable design within everyone’s reach. It opens innovative and numerous design opportunities in the world of furniture, in line with the most current market trends. Threespine technology allows assembly with the utmost ease-of-use, without hardware, without tools and at a speed that is 10 times faster compared to traditional assembly. All it takes is one click!

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