diy summit 2023
Improve the DIY experience with the right technology

Viken, Sweden

Välinge Innovation is participating in this year’s Global DIY Summit in Berlin. They will share key insights on how the right installation system gives retailers and manufacturers more satisfied DIY flooring customers.


The annual Global DIY Summit is the most important networking event in the home improvement industry and a great opportunity for industry leaders to meet and exchange views of current and future developments. In a time of uncertainty and changing consumer behaviors, it is more important than ever to ensure a satisfactory customer experience through user-friendly and high-quality products and solutions.


“As a DIY installer, the floor locking system is probably not something you think about when choosing a floor, but ultimately this will have a huge impact on your overall experience”, says Niklas Borgquist Key Account Manager at Välinge Innovation.


For both retailers and manufacturers, it’s important to know that the installation system is at least as important as performance and appearance to how satisfied the consumer will be. It’s something many people are not aware of, but if you look at negative online reviews and feedback from dissatisfied customers, most of them are based on the installation and not the product itself.


A perfect fit between product and locking system improves the quality and function of the floor and makes it fast and easy to install – weather you are a DIYer or a professional. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and attributes such as material, format and thickness must be considered. Välinge has over 30 years in the flooring industry and is known worldwide for having the best and most reliable installation systems available. Their knowledge and experience is invaluable in helping retailers and manufacturers successfully find the ideal solution for their products.


Want to know how you can improve your customers’ experience? Meet Välinge’s team of floor locking specialists at the Global DIY Summit, 14–16 June 2023 at ECC in Berlin to learn more about their various installation systems, take a closer look at their revolutionary 5G® portfolio and find out more about their game-changing Liteback® technology.


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