FORTE signs agreement to use Välinge’s brand-new Threespine ID
FORTE signs agreement to use Välinge’s brand-new Threespine ID

Viken, Sweden

Välinge Innovation launched their brand-new click furniture solution – Threespine® ID – earlier this week. Now, they’re sharing the exciting news that FORTE, one of the largest RTA-furniture manufacturers in Europe, just signed up to start producing furniture with this revolutionary solution.


“Forte is one of the leading and most influential ready-to-assemble furniture producers in Europe and we are incredibly happy that they decided to start manufacturing selected future collections using our ground-breaking technology”, said Johan Hallin, Senior Key Account Manager Furniture at Välinge Innovation. “This is a clear conformation of how exceptional this brand-new solution is.”


The innovative Threespine technology is the first truly efficient and effortless way to assemble furniture with rock-solid results. It’s developed and patented by Välinge Innovation, known worldwide for their outstanding floor installation systems. Their Threespine click furniture technology is the quickest and easiest way to assemble all furniture – just click the panels together and you’re done. The process is so effortless and so brilliant it makes furniture assembly up to ten times faster than any traditional option. This revolutionary technology makes it possible to create interior design with next-level features and the built-in locking components makes assembly fail-safe and secures a solid result – every time.


The just-released Threespine ID provides all the advantages the original Threespine Core solution does but uses inclined dowels and an innovative locking device to efficiently prevent panels from separating and secure solid, lasting results. To ensure easy implementation and avoid major changes in the design and manufacturing stages, production is based on the industry’s traditional drilling methods.


“FORTE’s mission is to create better homes. That is why when I first saw Välinge’s solution, it just clicked with me. It brings a new consumer experience during assembly making it easier and more intuitive. At the same time, the possibility to conveniently dismantle the furniture extends its lifecycle and facilitates recycling which is another big step towards one of our most important goals for the upcoming years – sustainability”, said Maria Florczuk, Member of the Board, FORTE Group. “I am convinced that by joining forces with an innovation leader such as Välinge, together we can provide better solutions both to our customers and consumers.”


Founded in 1992, FORTE is a Polish, family-rooted and internationally leading RTA-furniture company. With four production facilities in Poland, FORTE is known for its functional design and high-quality products, which can be found in many large furniture chains and shops around the world.


“Threespine ID is a perfect complement to our original Core solution, and we are excited to see the great interest it’s receiving across the industry”, Johan Hallin concluded.

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