interzum 2023 launch of new solution
Introducing a new solution at Interzum 2023

Viken, Sweden

Are you looking for a quick, easy and effortless way to assemble furniture? Välinge Innovation’s Threespine® click furniture technology is the answer. Their revolutionary Core-click forever reshaped the way furniture assembly is done, and at Interzum in Cologne on the 9th-12th of May 2023 they are introducing a brand-new solution – they say it’s a brilliant IDea!


Interzum focuses on the latest trends within the furniture supplier sector and the interior design industry – a concept that fits the innovative Threespine technology from Välinge Innovation perfectly. Threespine is the first truly effortless way to assemble furniture with a simple click, without the need of tools or fittings and with rock-solid results.


The Threespine Core solution changed the game completely and successfully paved the way for design and production opportunities that just weren’t possible before. Adding a new solution to their portfolio makes the technology even more accessible. Licensees can rest assured that, regardless of solution, they’ll have the easiest and most efficient click furniture technology available. It’s so effortless and so brilliant it makes assembly up to 10 times faster than any traditional option.


The younger generations are looking for high-tech solutions, smart and sustainable design, easy assembly and their online lifestyle means that fast deliveries and flatpacks are non-negotiables. Threespine, with its un-paralleled advantages is the ultimate solution that smooths the way for retailers and manufacturers to meet the change in market demand.


To demonstrate the amazing benefits the technology offers and to show the comprehensive network and support services provided by Välinge they invited some of their partners to join them in booth, H–021 G–020 in Hall 10.2. You can meet Homag, Imos, Sanas and others to learn more about the smooth implementation process, software solutions that make integration easy and to explore the different design possibilities. There is already a wide range of furniture using Threespine on the market and to show the many variations in form, design and material, several of them will be displayed in the booth.


Given that their Threespine Core solution forever changed the way we assemble furniture – you can be absolutely sure that their brand-new solution, once again, will reshape the industry.


Meet the team behind Threespine and their partners at Interzum, Cologne, 9–12 May, Hall 10.2, Booth H–021 G–020.


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