New Threespine licensees in India

Viken, Sweden

It’s happening a lot over here and we are very happy to announce two new Threespine licensees in India.


Rajdhani Crafts

Rajdhani Crafts Industries Private Limited in Jaipur, India will start producing furniture with our Threespine® technology. They are a company committed to innovation and are well-known as an experienced and fast-growing furniture manufacturer in India.


Stylecove Modulars

Stylecove Modulars are a new modular furniture brand in India. They chose our Threespine® technology to give their collection unrivalled advantages. Stylecove is owned by Prominance, the leading manufacturer of weather resistant and energy efficient windows and doors in India. They’re renowned for high-performing premium products and with our technology on their new furniture range you can expect nothing less.


Welcome to the Threespine Family!


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