Välinge Innovation recognised among global top 100 innovators

Viken, Sweden

Earlier this year, LexisNexis released its third edition of the ”Innovation Momentum: The Global Top 100” report, reaffirming Välinge Innovation’s status as one of the world’s leading innovators.


LexisNexis, a global leader in legal, regulatory, and business information, provides extensive resources including legal research databases, business analytics, risk management solutions that support professionals and organisations worldwide. Their annual Innovation Report identifies the world’s top innovators based on their significant patent portfolios and innovation momentum over the past two years. In the latest edition, Innovation Momentum 2024: The Global Top 100, Välinge Innovation is honoured to once again be ranked among companies with the strongest patent portfolios worldwide.


The report by LexisNexis highlights pioneers shaping the future, offering crucial insights into global innovation and intellectual property trends. It serves as a benchmark for identifying key players in various industries and understanding the evolving landscape of intellectual property rights.


Välinge Innovation takes pride in its recognition and remains committed to driving innovation, expanding its patent portfolio, and pushing the boundaries in its field.


Download the full report here:


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