Kilim Mobilya and their new collection Kilim Klik
Cihat Şahin, General Manager at Kilim Furniture, together with their Kilim Klik collection.
Kilim Mobilya launches new collection with Välinge’s Threespine technology

Viken, Sweden

Turkish Kilim Mobilya is a well-established furniture company known for always being at the forefront of their industry. Their recent launch is a brand-new collection of smart and easy-to-assemble furniture featuring Välinge’s groundbreaking Threespine® technology.


“Kilim Mobilya is the very first Threespine licensee in Turkey and we are incredibly happy that they chose our technology to create their ‘Kilim Klik’, a truly innovative click furniture brand”, says Mindaugas Zacharenko, Key Account Manager at Välinge Innovation.


Kilim just launched their modern and minimalistic line of ready-to-assemble furniture featuring Välinge Innovation’s revolutionary Threespine Click Furniture technology with a large event on the 7th – 8th of October in Antalya. ‘Kilim Klik’ consists of user-friendly furniture that, thanks to the innovative click technology, are fast, easy, and fail-safe to assemble. It’s the unique, built-in locking system that makes it possible to assemble furniture without using tools or extra fittings and it ensures flawless, long-lasting furniture with precise angles and no visible holes, every time.


kilim mobilya and kilim klik launch event
Abdullah Nurata, Marketing Manager at Kilim Furniture, at the launch event of Kilim Klik.


”At Kilim Furniture, we share Välinge’s passion for innovation and we have parallel visions for what the future of the furniture industry will look like”, says Cihat Şahin, General Manager at Kilim Furniture. “When we launched ‘Kilim Klik’ last month we received a great amount of attention and appreciation from both retailers and influential industry stakeholders.”


This smart technology makes furniture assembly so effortless it can actually be done up to ten times faster than with any traditional alternative. Disassembly and re-assembly are done just as easily making it the perfect solution for any company to remain competitive and to successfully meet the changing needs of the market.


“With ‘Kilim Klik’ we’ve created the first and only click furniture brand in Turkey and we’re very excited to soon be able to share this unique offer with both customers and retailers”, says Abdullah Nurata, Marketing Manager at Kilim Furniture.



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