Välinge welcomes new 5G Dry licensee

Viken, Sweden

Välinge is pleased to announce that Changzhou Chenglu New Materials CO., Ltd. became a 5G® Dry™ licensee and launched a collection of laminate products with increased waterproofness using the technology.


Changzhou Chenglu New Materials is a large producer of water-resistant laminate flooring in China. With more than 20 years of experience from manufacturing laminate floors they are truly specialists in their field. They continuously develop and enhance their offer and ensure that their products are always up to date with the help of market-leading technology. It’s for this reason and to even further improve the performance of their products that they recently decided to partner with Välinge Innovation and start using their leakproof floor locking system, 5G Dry.


“Our new collection of water-resistant laminate floors has been well received. Our customers are very interested in the many benefits Välinge’s technology brings”, states Rachel Ling, Sales Director at Changzhou Chenglu New Materials. “5G Dry’s leakproof joint further enhances the waterproofness of our laminate products”.


5G Dry is Välinge Innovation’s watertight installation system. It has all the benefits of their renowned 5G Fold Down technology, such as fast and easy installation with strong, reliable results, but it has a leakproof joint that efficiently prevents any liquids from seeping through the seams of the floor panels. For all flooring products this eliminates the risk of water ending up on the subfloor and creating real damage, for wood-based products it also lowers the risk of edge swelling due to liquids.


“We first heard about 5G Dry from one of our US customers and after meeting Välinge to learn more about the technology and their extensive support, we knew this was the perfect choice for our high-quality products”, Mr. Chen, CEO at Changzhou Chenglu New Materials explains. “Välinge technologies have a great reputation, and we are pleased to see how well our customers have received the new technology.”


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Head of Marketing

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