Furniture assembly with a click

This is Threespine

Välinge Innovation’s Threespine click furniture technology enables furniture to be assembled in seconds without using any tools or fittings. You simply click the pieces together and get perfect results every time. This revolutionary technology  consists of two ground-breaking solutions – Threespine Core and Threespine ID – both of which make furniture assembly faster and easier than ever before.

Furniture assembly made easy

Threespine makes every step from design, production, transport, storage, and the 

assembly of furniture easy. It’s simply a brilliant solution – from idea to assembly.

Threespine makes everything click into place

Designed for the future

With Threespine, you can meet changes in consumer behaviour and new environmental demands with better and more sustainable products. It promotes circular design and makes it possible to create versatile furniture made to be reused and recycled.

Up to 10 times faster assembly

Assemble furniture in no time. Threespine makes furniture assembly up to 10 times faster than any traditional solution. It requires no tools, and the integrated locking system ensures fail-safe results – every time.

Easy to disassemble and re-assemble

Threespine makes assembly, disassembly, and reassembly easy without compromising product quality or results. It supports the design of flexible furniture and facilitates the replacement of parts to extend product life.

100% solid results

The unique, integrated locking system makes the technology user-friendly and the results long-lasting. With no visible holes and all joints hidden, the result is always flawless – regardless of where the assembly is done.

Innovative solutions


Well-proven technology

Threespine Core is an innovative solution based on Välinge’s outstanding 5G Fold Down technology to make furniture assembly fail-safe, effortless and reliable. 


Take your business to the next level

Threespine ID – Inclined Dowel – is a brand-new locking system that makes furniture assembly exceptionally fast 

and easy with secure and reliable results, every time.



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Threespine Click Furniture Technology by Välinge innovation

At Välinge, the passion for innovation and technology is inherent. We are known globally for our revolutionary inventions and pioneering mindset and for continuously driving the flooring and furniture industry forward. Three decades ago, we invented the first ever mechanical floor locking system and permanently changed how people, all over the world, install flooring. With our ground-breaking Threespine technology, we are transforming how furniture assembly is done.
This solution makes assembling furniture easy, fast and fail-safe and it’s designed to meet future changes in design, consumer behaviour and environmental standards.