threespine ID and Interzum award
Välinge world-premieres Threespine ID and receives prestigious Interzum award

Viken, Sweden

Välinge Innovation introduces Threespine® ID – a new addition to their portfolio of ground-breaking click furniture technology. This outstanding solution makes both assembly and implementation efficient and effortless. No wonder they call it their most brilliant IDea ever.


Threespine is recognised worldwide as the first fast and easy way to assemble furniture without the need of tools or fittings and with rock-solid results. You just click the panels together and you’re done. It’s so simple and so brilliant it makes furniture assembly up to ten times faster than any traditional option.


Threespine ID – Inclined Dowel – expands Välinge’s portfolio of outstanding ‘Threespine click furniture technology’ and adds new possibilities in design, production, set-up and implementation. The secret behind the new solution lies in the newly developed locking device and the unique inclined dowels. The components are integrated in production, which makes assembly fail-safe and easy with incredibly strong and reliable results. However, the most striking advantage is the efficient implementation process. As it is based on the industry’s traditional drilling methods, major changes in design and production are easily avoided, making this a truly cost-efficient and ground-breaking solution.


The world-premiere of Threespine ID takes place at Interzum – one of the most influential furniture manufacturing fairs in the world – and despite just being launched it has already been recognised with the prestigious Interzum award for ‘High Product Quality’.


“We are incredibly happy to receive this award and for the amount of attention Threespine ID has attracted even before it’s officially released”, says Ola Dexe, Key Account Manager Furniture, Välinge Innovation. “Being awarded for our high product quality, innovative design and for setting new business standards feels truly remarkable.”


Threespine ID has indeed received a lot of recognition from the industry and several leading manufacturers have already signed agreements to start production with the new click furniture solution.


“This is the game-changing solution the industry has been waiting for. The key to success is the effortless and cost-effective implementation, together with market-leading advantages such as quick and easy assembly and incredibly solid results”, Ola Dexe concludes.

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