Välinge brings floating floors to Japan.

Viken, Sweden

Shinko Kasei signs with Välinge Innovation.

Shinko Kasei, a leader in the Japanese plastic processing industry has a clear focus on innovative materials, processes and technologies, is now are taking their product on step further with Välinge’s 5G-i Push Down locking system.

It is with great pleasure and pride that Välinge Innovation can announce that Shinko Kasei has not only decided to be the first Japanese manufacturer to introduce floating floors with a click system, but also that they have chosen to do this together with Välinge Innovation. We invented mechanical locking systems for flooring and we are very pleased to finally bring this technology to Japan as well. Thanks to Shinko Kasei we now see an increased interest for our technology in Japan” says Niclas Håkansson CEO of Välinge.

Shinko Kasei is introducing a new range of ”Greenstyle” PVC-free resilient flooring made with a rigid polyolefin core that is waterproof, has a superior scratch resistance and requires low maintenance. Shinko Kasei is introducing this product as dry back, tongue & groove and, as a first for Japan, with Välinge Innovation’s 5G-i Push Down installation system for fast, easy and strong floating installations.

The product will be launched in Q4-2020.

About Shinko Kasei
Established in 1983 as a plastic processing company with its head quarter located in Hanyu City in the Saitama Prefecture and has approximately 110 employees and yearly sales volume of 9,76 billion Yen (Sept. 2017)

About Välinge Innovation
Founded in 1993, Välinge pioneered the concept of glue-less click flooring and changed the way people install and use floorings. Our worldwide-patented technology introduced a fast and easy way of installing floorboards mechanically, without using glue. All R&D activities take place in Viken, Sweden and is considered to be the world’s most advanced R&D centre related to laminate, resilient, wood and wood-powder based flooring technology. Välinge has 250 employees, 3200 patents and a global license base of 250 companies.

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