Välinge Innovation joins the ‘Association for Modern Kitchens’ in Germany

Viken, Sweden

Välinge Innovation becomes a member of the Association for Modern Kitchens, AMK, and looks forward to spreading knowledge about their innovative Threespine® Click Furniture technology.


“We are delighted to be invited to join AMK, a highly regarded trade and service association for the German kitchen industry”, says Johan Hallin, Key Account Manager at Välinge Innovation.


AMK is a prestigious trade and service association for the kitchen industry actively working to stimulate the demand for modern, custom-fitted kitchens, create industry standards and support members with international perspectives, technology updates, essential research, and trend reports.


“Industry interest in high-quality flatpack solutions has really increased and we are excited about the opportunity to connect with the German kitchen industry, share our expertise and highlight our outstanding technology”, explains Johan Hallin.


In the kitchen industry, there is a rapidly growing interest in new, more efficient, and environmentally smarter solutions, and the need for new technology to streamline production, create more favourable offers and meet changing environmental demands is unmistakable.


The Threespine technology is developed and patented by Välinge Innovation and it’s an innovative solution to finally make furniture assembly efficient and effortless with rock-solid results. For the kitchen industry it brings several major advantages such as easy and fail-safe assembly, smart flatpack possibilities for efficient logistics and because disassembly is as easy as assembly, it enables a total rethinking of how furniture is designed, used, and reused.


With Threespine, assembly is always a one-person job regardless of whether it is done in the factory, by a professional or a DIYer. A kitchen cabinet is assembled in less than a minute simply by clicking the pieces together and the built-in locking device ensures hidden joints, no visible holes, precise angles, and secure results. Every time.


“We look forward to presenting our innovative technology and to welcoming AMK members to our headquarters in Viken, in southern Sweden, to show first hand all the amazing advantages this technology provides”, Johan Hallin concludes.

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