Välinge supports Ukraine

Viken, Sweden

Russia´s unprovoked war against Ukraine has created a huge humanity crisis. Putin is fully responsible for all suffering this war is creating. Välinge strongly condemns this attack against Ukraine and against democracy and freedom of our world and supports the sanctions implemented by Sweden and EU towards Russia and Belarus as a response to the invasion of Ukraine.

Välinge is investigating how to best support the Ukrainian people in this situation. As our first step, we have made donations to the International Red Cross and UNHCR.

Välinge further stops all business activities and sales towards the Russian and Belarusian markets. Välinge will no longer send any products, 5G tongues, machines nor give any support to sites located in those countries.

We also know many of the Russian and Belarusian people do not support the madness the leader in the Kremlin is responsible for, but we trust the good forces in the free world will work together and support each other in this difficult situation.

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