Dansani increases sustainability focus

Choosing Threespine

Dansani is the leading bathroom furniture producer and supplier in the Nordics. Recognised all over Europe for their premium qualities, conscious design and timeless Scandinavian style. They chose Threespine because it makes assembly easy and helps reduce the company’s environmental impact.


“Threespine really stands above other solutions, both from a consumer perspective but also because of the many environmental benefits it brings”, says Rasmus Kjær, Chief Development Officer at Dansani A/S.


Dansani is a Danish company that develops, produces and supplies bathroom products. They have a long tradition of providing the Nordic and European markets with high-quality and consciously designed bathroom furniture. Their refined style is deeply rooted in their heritage and all bathroom solutions have the functionality, simplicity and naturalness traditionally associated with Danish design. With 40 years of experience in producing bathroom products and furniture for their quality-conscious consumers, they are truly adept at continuously developing their business to meet market demand.


Reducing environmental impact

Well-designed products with high-quality features have characterised Dansani since the beginning, and the significance of working sustainably and long-term has become increasingly important over the years. When they first learned that 80 percent of a product’s environmental footprint is already determined in the design phase, they knew that their ambitions for the future will not be achieved by simply face-lifting existing concepts.


“We needed to re-think the entire process and this is when we first came in contact with Välinge and their Threespine technology”, Rasmus Kjær continues. “Threespine is the perfect solution for us to reduce our environmental impact without compromising on either quality, design or function of our products.”


For Dansani sustainability isn’t just about the finished product. It’s about the design, the materials that are used, how it’s produced, packaged, stored and transported and not to be forgotten, how it can be recycled or reused at the end of its lifetime. 40 years ago, they started with ready-to-assemble furniture, but customers found the assembly hard and time-consuming, which made them start with pre-assembled furniture instead. Now, thanks to Threespine’s integrated locking system the premium quality Dansani is renowned for is secured, and assembly is easy, fail-safe and with rock-solid results, every time.


“With Threespine we can go back to our roots but this time our customers get an assembly process that requires minimum effort and is done in almost no time”, states Rasmus Kjær.


Working with Välinge

Välinge is known to be a reliable and experienced partner and at Dansani, they really appreciate the expertise and support they have received every step of the way. When we spoke to their Factory Manager, Finn Jensen he had nothing but praise for the way implementation has been done.


“Välinge has been such a great partner all the way and they made every step of the process really smooth and simple. We got invaluable support with everything from prototyping and machinery selection to start-up and training.”


Before choosing Threespine, Dansani researched the market and compared Välinge’s technology to other options and concluded that there wasn’t any other assembly method on the market that “was as brilliant as Threespine or matched their needs as well.” For Dansani, Threespine is the optimal way to simultaneously meet both consumers’ demands and their own sustainability ambitions.



Benefits from using Threespine

  • Fast and easy assembly for consumers.
  • Fewer small parts needed which means easier recycling at end of life.
  • Transporting flatpacks instead of pre-assembled furniture means smarter transports where space is used more efficiently, and less air is transported.
  • It facilitates a circular design process.
  • A cost-efficient production method.

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