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Partnerships with industry leaders around the globe Threespine click furniture technology is available for licensing by Välinge Innovation. For three decades, Välinge has built close relationships with a diverse array of flooring and furniture manufacturers around the world. We ensure that all partners have the right equipment to make production run smoothly and that all products meet the high level of performance our technologies are known for. Partnering with us is about much more than  simply licensing our patents. It means you get market-leading solutions, a reliable, experienced partner and long-term support. Would you like to know more? Contact us today! 

We worked closely together with Välinge’s team throughout the process. They made sure that implementing the technology was easy, which shows how professional they are. 

Calvin Poon, Co-founder and President at Makellos Cabinetry

Become a licensee


We asess your product and production process toi help you choose the right solution


Based on the assessment, you receive a quotation containing the down payment, license fee and other costs.

Simple delivery

We will send you furniture samples for evaluation.

License agreement

Both parts sign an agreement including license fees and other obligations. The license fees depend on several factors such as business, volumes, and furniture type.

Product assessment

We support with profile drawings, prototyping, and test production to find the best solution for your products and production.

Order & Installation

We help modify current machinery and if new investments are required, we assist with selecting a solution suitable for your needs. Our technical experts help on site during installation.


Our technical staff helps with test production and sample evaluation to ensure high quality products before moving into full-scale production.


We supply parts and provide ongoing technical support to help maximise production efficiency.

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Threespine Click Furniture Technology by Välinge innovation

At Välinge, the passion for innovation and technology is inherent. We are known globally for our revolutionary inventions and pioneering mindset and for continuously driving the flooring and furniture industry forward. Three decades ago, we invented the first ever mechanical floor locking system and permanently changed how people, all over the world, install flooring. With our ground-breaking Threespine technology, we are transforming how furniture assembly is done.
This solution makes assembling furniture easy, fast and fail-safe and it’s designed to meet future changes in design, consumer behaviour and environmental standards.